Corona Virus Quarantine Day #196: Saturday’s! October 3, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #196: Saturday’s! October 3, 2020:

I’d say we had a pretty good day today. The kids all got to play sports and so did Mommy and Daddy. We had our first Saturday play day this whole season. Weird, I know. Usually by now we’ve played in at least 3 tournaments. But, because of Covid, tournaments aren’t a thing.

Fletcher scored three goals today, of course, when I wasn’t there…but he was pretty excited to tell me about it. This is a big deal friends because last year all he did was fall down and knock other people down. So…progress! Shout out to Ellen for taking the video, even if her finger is slightly in the frame.

Also, I did get to play against one of my former players today, which is always such a treat. Emily Tripp was a stud at SJA, kept me laughing back when she was a teenager and continues to keep me laughing now. All we hope when we send our girls off into the world that they are going to throw their goodness all around and if they happen to go into teaching and coaching that they make an impact on their players. Emily is doing exactly that. I was so proud of her and how she got her team to play. You can tell they are well coached and I had immense pride today watching her do her thing. Shawnee Mission West is lucky to have her.

Love these girls so much. Our alum. Emily Tripp, me, Annie Reilly, Taylor Nill and our little Fiona Bell. It’s pretty awesome to get to coach against one of your former players, coach with one of your former players and have another one of your former players spend most of her free time in our gym. It’s also awesome that they are now all mentors to our own children. Love these beautiful, talented, smart and hard working humans like family.

Then our VB parents hosted a socially distanced lunch in the parking lot. Thank you GOD for a beautiful day. It was fun to see the kids out there having some socially distanced fun. Food and fellowship is usually such a normal part of our season but this year, it’s just not a thing. What made it even sweeter is that our own kids, who have largely missed the whole season and are definitely sad about it, got a chance to be there too.

Our kids love the VB girls so much!

We then came home and made brownies, chocolate chip banana bread, salmon and brussel sprouts and bacon…it was glorious.

After dinner we brought some bread to Fletcher’s favorite neighbor and then watched a movie as a family. All in all, it was a pretty successful day.

When I asked the kids their favorite part of the day they said the following:

Finley: Getting a pick 6 (an interception, not sure why we can’t call it that) at the football game and getting to see Mommy and Daddy’s team play.

Cooper: I really liked my football game and playing football with Annie at SJA.

Ellen: Watching Fletchy score 3 goals and seeing mom and dad and the volleyball girls.

Fiona: My favorite part of my day was seeing Mrs. Tripp at mom’s volleyball game and eating with the VB girls. Also, my own game was awesome too!

Fletcher: My favorite part of my day was scoring 3 goals, getting Gatorade from Gaga, going to a party with the VB girls and seeing Scott and Shelley (the neighbors).

I for one am going to climb in my bed…I’m totally spent. This week felt like it was 100 years long.



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