Corona Virus Quarantine Day #195: Missing Mommy: October 1, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #195: Missing Mommy: Thursday, October 1, 2020:

This morning was a total nightmare. I needed to get out of the house early… so of course, that didn’t happen. The morning started with Fletcher not wanting any lights turned on. So we ate breakfast in the dark. He then refused to brush his teeth. So that was a good time. Finally, he felt like pants were optional…I had to basically bribe him to get him to put pants on and get him in the car. To those of you that are thinking, just put him in the car and tell him he can walk into school with no pants on, that will make him put the pants on…you don’t know this child. 

He is the most stubborn human being to walk planet Earth and he would absolutely be the person to walk in school w no pants on.

What a way to start the day. Good times had by all!

Half way to school while we were talking about the kid’s history project he interrupted and said “mommy, I love you, I’m sorry.”

My heart. I love him so much, even when he is a pistol.

Overall, I think it has finally hit the kids that their world has significantly changed…again. They went from spending every single minute with me to not seeing me very much at all. From them being in school all day, having after school activities and mommy having practice and games there are several nights I’m not home when they go to bed.

The littlest ones are definitely taking it the hardest. In a normal season they are at games, in the gym, climbing on the players. This year, not so much. Everyone is feeling that void, especially the kids. They have needing extra hugs, extra reassurances and Fiona and Fletcher just flat out ask me to stay home.

That makes an already difficult year, more difficult.

But…we are managing just fine and I remain grateful that we are in school and playing sports at all.

Tonight was our senior night and I was emotional about it.  We have 5 seniors and I think I felt extra sad for them because so much of what that event, or our season in general, would have looked like in a normal year would be so different.  Our drumline would have been there getting everyone moving, our student section would have been considerable, we wouldn’t be playing in masks or not giving high fives. 

It. Would. All. Be. Different. 

If you have not ever been to an SJA senior night…check it out sometime.  I think we do it up pretty special.

I felt the abnormal of everything so much for them last night and really, everyday.  I am so grateful that our school is doing everything they can to give these kids some normal in a time when everything is most definitely not normal.  While it isn’t perfect, it’s better than what a lot of other kids are getting at other schools, many of whom haven’t even been in class in the building yet. 

So while it may not have been perfect, it was still pretty special and I was happy to celebrate these humans that we have had the pleasure of coaching!



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