Corona Virus Quarantine Day #193: All the thank you’s! September 29, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #193: All the Thank You’s: September 29, 2020:

Yesterday I had someone who I have poured a lot of myself into show me disrespect.  I wish I could tell you I didn’t let it bother me.  That would be a lie. 

I don’t blame this person.  Things right now are hard and something didn’t go their way.  They are also young and immature, so they will learn a lesson here. I care very much for this person and know that they also care for me.  Sometimes in life we cannot see the forest through the trees.  Sometimes we only see how things are impacting us and don’t consider other people’s feelings or opinions and I understand that. 

I think as a mom, wife, teacher, coach…hell as a person, I just want to feel like I am appreciated.  Everyone knows their own “love language” and especially now, since hugs aren’t a thing, mine is words of affirmation.  I assume that is why I love a good hand written card so much. 

Yesterday I was bogged down in everything that Covid makes extra hard right now and this moment made me feel unappreciated, and that bothered me.

Now, I feel like I am pretty good about doing this in my own life to the people in my circle but in an effort to show the love the way I was most definitely not feeling it these past two days I want to say thank you to a few important people.

First to my husband.  When I got home yesterday there was a dress he bought me for our family photos and a hand written card telling me he “sees” me in all of this and appreciates all I am doing to try to make things right for everyone around me.  I cannot tell you how much that meant to me.  The words, not the dress.  The dress, was a bonus.  Now, Bryan tells me these things often, and I am blessed, but he knew I was having a tough day/week and went out of his way to make it better.  That is who he is and one of the many reasons I love him.  Bryan is my best friend, my favorite person in the whole world and someone I deeply admire.  He is so full of goodness, I’m so grateful he and I get to raise 5 humans together, I can see his goodness in all of them.

Secondly to my mom.  Gaga.  Gaga lives with our family.  She is part of our daily life.  Gaga has always been the most selfless person I know.  There is no one more generous with her time, talents and treasures (our mail would suggest maybe a little too generous).  She is so generous to our family. Our kids are so blessed to have her in their daily life and I am so grateful to have her to talk to when things are hard. I love you Gaga more than you know.

To my parents in general, Ma Bel and Joe Bell…I had an amazing childhood. I was surrounded by love, joy and hard working people that did whatever they could to give their daughters a better life than they had.  I’m grateful for the example of work ethic you instilled in us and I’m grateful that I was loved so much.  I know that has a lot to do with any success I have had in my life, including marrying the best man in the entire world.  Also, thank you for teaching me to believe in myself and believe that anything was possible for me.  Thank you for that mom and dad.  I love you.

To my children.  GOD blessed me beyond measure when they made me your mom.  I prayed to be a mom pretty much my whole life.  When I first saw each of your tiny little faces I knew that you were a miracle only GOD could provide.  Being your mom is my greatest blessing. 

Finley you are the hardest worker I have ever seen and you have the sweetest heart.  You are sarcastic, just like your daddy and you keep me laughing so much.  You are incredibly patient and so good to your family. Someday you are going to be an amazing husband and father I just can already see it.  You have so many talents my sweet boy, keep working so hard.  Persistence always pays off!  I am so proud of you.  

Ellen, I love your passion for all the things you love.  You are fierce and tough and kind and gentle all at the same time, what an amazing gift you have.  Your amazing heart for doing the right thing is going to take you so far in life.  You will be good at whatever you set your mind to because that will be your focus.  Never change you sweet hearted, good natured, beautiful girl.  I am so proud of you.

Cooper, you are such a joy to be around and truly are the most considerate 10-year-old I’ve ever met.  Your heart is as big as your beautiful smile and reading history books with you is one of my favorite things in the world.  When people really see you for who and what you are, you will win every single person you meet over.  Always be your sweet, caring, funny, thoughtful self.  I am so proud of you.

Fiona, you have such a spunk and spirit about you that is contagious.  You are so smart and talented it’s crazy. You have a unique way of making everyone around you better and that my sweet girl, is a gift.  You are going to be so successful in whatever you decide to do and I am so happy I will have a front row seat to watch it all go down.  Never lose confidence you beautiful human.  I am so proud of you.

Fletcher, I’m not sure I have ever met someone with as much personality as you. You are full of life and your smile could literally light up the dark.  Thank you for always making me laugh and giving me the best snuggles in the morning when I wake you up.  Don’t ever change.  Your zest for life is contagious!  You, my sweet boy, you are going to set the world on fire!  I am so proud of you! 

To my sister and her family.  Thank you for your love and support.  I am grateful to have a sister that I know would help me with anything should I ask and I know she knows we would do the same thing in return.  Our kids are blessed to grow up together and while that won’t always be easy, it will always be beautiful and something we never had.  I think that’s the goal right, is make your kids life even better than yours.  Jennifer, we are doing that.  I am proud of you and I love you and your family like my own.

To my school friends.  You know who you are.  You are me people.  Thank you for the funny texts and memes on a hard day to get me laughing.  I am grateful to work with people who are doing all the things to make this year as normal as possible.  I know we all feel overwhelmed but it’s nice to know that I have people who have my back at any time.

To my players past, you also know who you are.  The ones that are always calling, texting, checking in, you know we have your back…always.  It’s nice to know that now that you are adults, you also have ours.  I am grateful for each and everyone of you.  Don’t ever hesitate to call us.  We are always here.  Always. 

To our current players.  I love being in the gym with you. I love watching you grow as players and as people.  Thank you for the opportunity to be your coach and someday down the road (when you are an old alum), your friend. 

To my SHOJ friends who help me with my kids.  Thank you. Volleyball season is hard; this season is harder than usual.  Raising kids is hard.  Without your help, our kids wouldn’t be able to get to all the places they need to be.  They are loved by a wider community than their own home and that is one of the most beautiful things about Catholic education in my opinion.  Thank you for loving my family and helping out a friend in need.

There are many people/groups I’d like to put on this list but for today I will leave it at this and I’ll leave you with a reminder to tell the people in your life you are grateful for them. You never know what kind of day they had or what they might be struggling with internally. 

Saying thank you, is like a smile, it costs you nothing and can brighten up someone else’s day…including your own!  Try it!



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