Corona Virus Quarantine Day #186: I’ll Pray For You: September 22, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #186: I’ll Pray For You: September 22, 2020:

Today at mass Father Mark talked about how that sometimes as a human being bad things can happen and it makes it hard for us to see Christ or to hear his voice.

He went on to say that the beauty of our faith is that we are in it together as a community of believers that pick up the slack when we personally are having a hard time.

As a Catholic I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’ll pray for you.”

Today while Father Mark was talking I realized just how much I mean that when I say it, and how much people mean it for me when they say it back. I also realized how much I appreciate that about my faith.

Whenever someone asks for prayers, whether directly or even on social media…I say the prayers right then and there. Then at night when I lay in bed to say my prayers I repeat those prayers a second time.

I know that in my life, my community of St. James and Sacred Heart has said prayers for my family. I also know that I have experienced miracles as a result of those prayers.

I do believe that praying for others helps our voices be heard because it’s unselfish…we give up our time to help someone else, even if through prayer. Has there ever been anyone more unselfish than JESUS?

So what Father Mark said today was that in doing this for others we can be more like JESUS. Sign me up for that.

Father Mark’s words gave me great peace. I know that I am not doing his homily justice, but it spoke to me today. Deeply.

Right now we are living in a very uncertain time. I’m grateful that I work and live in a community of people that has my back. I’m grateful that my faith allows me the ability to be unselfish everyday by praying for people who need prayers.

Our world needs more unselfishness.

I have a few people on my list tonight so I better get to work!



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