Corona Virus Quarantine Day #185: Random goodness: September 21, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #185: Random goodness: September 21, 2020:

There is so much ugliness in the world. I am seeing some of it first hand. Today was one of those days. So, today, it’s all about the random goodness.

First, I want to start with our sweet Ellen. Ellen may be the most competitive of all the Dorsey’s. She wants to be great at everything she does. She loves to play volleyball and is so excited to play “competitive” matches this year. She wants to win so bad. If there was an award for the player who gets the most words out of their mouth in a minute…she’d for sure win that one. I love her passion.

As a coach for a long time, I can tell you that you cannot teach passion. This will absolutely help her in the long run. I love getting to see her do her thing.

You can hear and see her passion in these videos. Love this little firecracker so much. Her heart is big…that is no doubt!

Those feet were always moving! A huge thank you to a friend who supplied the video.

Sweet girl! Her passion is my most favorite.

If there is anything cuter than a 5 year old excited about his rocks painted like ghosts, then I don’t know what it is!

He was trying to make the same face as the faces on the rocks. Gotta love him, those rocks make smile every time I see them in his room!

I think the volume in the world is quite loud right now…but when I saw this it spoke to me. I’m grateful that I work in a place that allows me the opportunity and the grace to stop and listen to GOD. I’m grateful I’m married to someone who grounds me each an every day. I am grateful I have five kids that make me smile and give me the most important purpose in the whole entire world.

So on a day that there was a lot of noise, a lot of it ugly…I am grateful for random goodness and the goodness I have set at my feet everyday. Thank you GOD!



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