Corona Virus Quarantine Day #183: Fun! September 19, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #183: Fun! September 19, 2020:

It’s a Saturday and our Saturdays in the fall look very different than they usually do. Today, we would normally be at the Mo Kan tourney with our Varsity volleyball team and I’m a lot sad that we aren’t there. I can’t lie to you. I’m a lot sad. But. I’m gonna focus on the positive. I got to spend my day with our kids and watch and coach them in their various sports.

I’m grateful. Normally I’d miss it all. So I guess rather than being sad, I should be grateful. So I’m gonna focus on that.

This sweet girl had to wait all day to play her games. She is such a good sister. Such a good girl. I’m so very proud of her.

At the observation tower Fletcher kept saying “I’m not scared. I love it!”

These two got to play football at St James Academy today. They thought that was pretty special.

Crazy man was a huge fan of the football field. It’s squishy.

The girls and Fletchy doing handstands before the boys played. There is never a dull moment!

Two of my former students have four boys, one of them is in Fletcher’s class and on his team. It’s a little crazy for me but awesome at the same time. The kids really liked their newest addition!!

Love these kiddos so much!

Future prom dates. These two look a little like siblings. They share the same soccer number and they played so well together today. A moms heart can’t handle this cuteness!

Last season Fletcher mostly fell down. This season my sweet boy became aggressive. He actually runs, kicks and tries hard so that’s fun!

Thank you GOD for an awesome day with my family.



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