Corona Virus Quarantine Day #181: Old Friends: September 17, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #181: Old Friends: September 17, 2020:

Today I ran into an old friend and it filled me up. She is a magnificent human being who I love and adore. She is one of the most selfless people I know, incredibly creative, an amazing leader and has a charisma that shines so bright. She also gives the best advice.

I miss her.

I haven’t seen her in a very long time. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been. I used to work with her at St. James, so at one point in my life I got to see her everyday and fill myself up with her energy.

Good LORD…I love people like Maureen Engen. I wish all people could have her kind of energy and spirit. She has “juice.” I love people with juice. We talked about our families, we talked about this crazy school year (as we are both educators), we caught up on all the things.

As I walked away from her I felt happy and full but also a little sad and hollow. It’s weird how you can feel all of those emotions at the same time. I was happy and full because I got to hear her voice and see at least part of her face. I got to hear about her job and kids and she even gave me some advice, that I desperately needed, about 5th grade math. I felt sad and hollow because I didn’t get to give her the kind of hug we’d normally share. I didn’t get to see her bright smile with her beautiful white teeth. We didn’t get to laugh the way we usually do (in large part, I think, because we are both a little worn down). Everyone…is a little worn down by this Covid crap.

Covid has in many ways made us all a little robotic. I think it’s the thing I hate most about this damn virus. Everyone is unsure of how to act when in close proximity of others. We’ve taken away peoples greatest form of expression…their smile. I love to smile. Smiles open so many doors for the person smiling and also for those they are smiling at. I now walk through Walmart or Target and nod my head at everyone I pass so that they know I’m smiling under my mask. Man. I can’t wait to throw smiles at everyone I see when things go back to pre Covid days. I guess for now, I will just keep nodding my head and smiling under my mask at everyone who passes by me.

So tonight, I will go to bed and thank GOD for old friends. The ones you can not see or talk to in months or even years and when you do see each other it’s like nothing has changed.

I hope I see Maureen again soon. I am grateful that we crossed paths tonight and that one of my favorite things, volleyball, brought us back together.

Thank you GOD for good, trusted, full of energy friends like my friend Maureen.

I needed to see a picture of this cutie wearing his sister’s shoes today. He was a total booger while we were gone at volleyball. He locked himself in his bathroom to avoid going to bed. The poor babysitter. He was so tired. When our 5 year old misses his window of opportunity to go to bed it’s u.g.l.y. So good times. At least I came home to this after we won!



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