Corona Virus Quarantine Day #180: Sillies: September 16, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #180: Sillies: September 16, 2020:

The last few days in the Dorsey house have been a little stressful so tonight we had an opportunity to be home earlier than usual in the fall and none of the kids had activities. That being said, we took the chance to light a fire and cook some s’mores and talk as a family.

Things get really busy sometimes and it’s easy to let family time slide because we all have a lot to do. For me, this is a non-negotiable. The only thing missing was Gaga, who was at dinner.

We decided to ask silly questions and just spend time as a family by the fire making some yummy treats. Cooper even had the idea to substitute good ole’ fashioned Hershey’s for peanut butter cups and chocolate caramels (all purchased by Gaga).

Here were some of the highlight questions and their answers!

If you could get one wish from a Genie what would your wish be?

Finley: I’d wish to be an NBA Basketball player

Ellen: I’d wish to be I’d be the best volleyball player, have all the books in the world and have lots of money.

Cooper: I’d wish to be to be a billionaire and NFL hockey player

Fiona: I’d wish to be I’d be the St. James Academy volleyball coach

Fletcher: I wish that dinosaurs would come back and that poop would come alive (I can’t explain that one…mostly just looking to make people laugh).

If you had to fart would you prefer it be silent but deadly or loud and proud?

Finley: silent, definitely

Ellen: Loud and proud, but alone

Cooper: Loud and proud for sure

Fiona: Loud and proud

Fletcher: Silent and deadly (said with an evil laugh).

If you could travel in time to what period of time would you travel?

Finley: I’d go to the United Center 1998 (This kids love for the Bulls is very real)

Ellen: I’d go back to when George Washington lived (This is Hamilton’s influence.

Cooper: I’d go back to WWII but make sure I didn’t get killed (no surprise here, this kid loves to learn about WWII).

Fiona: I’d go back to when mom played volleyball at KU and watch her play (this one melted my heart a bit).

Fletcher: I’d go back to when dinosaurs were alive (shock of all shocks here).

If you were given the power to rid the world of something what would it be?

Finley: I’d get rid of all viruses, especially the corona virus and cancer.

Ellen: I’d make sure no one could ever get hurt.

Cooper: I’d get rid of all sicknesses.

Fiona: I’d get rid of all cancer.

Fletcher: I’d rid the world of all bad people.

**I could not love these answers more.**

If you could invent something, what would it be?

Finley: A time machine that worked.

Ellen: A machine that did everything I needed done, like even sunscreen being put on me.

Cooper: A gun that could shoot out the power you needed at that time.

Fiona: I’d invent something that allowed you to block serves (clearly volleyball is on the mind here).

Fletcher: Rocks (not sure he got the question, or maybe he did and he really wishes he invented rocks…he loves rocks so much)!

If you could meet one historical person who would it be?

Finley: Michael Jordan (sensing a theme here)?

Ellen: All the dead presidents (interesting choice)

Cooper: Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler (This is 1000% my child)

Fiona: All the Hamilton people.

Fletcher: did not answer…he was too busy playing with Gigi

If you had a parrot what would you teach it to say?

Finley: I’d teach it to say my name and be a bird calculator.

Ellen: I’d teach it to say “Ellen is awesome”

Cooper: I’d teach it to do my homework, not speak (practical).

Fiona: I’d teach it to say “what’s up doc” (Space Jam reference)

Fletcher: fully not involved at this point. He was wrestling Gigi in the grass.

We asked many more but these were some of the highlights. I want to remember these nights forever. Soon, I know they will be grown and I will be longing for moments like these.

It is our hope as parents that we foster a home where our kids will come and talk to us about things that are happening in their world, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m hopeful that nights like tonight, even though most of our conversation was silly, will open the door for that.

So much love for these small humans.

I can’t with this love bug. His blue eyes. His long eyelashes. His sweet heart. Love his soul so much…even when he has food on his face. He was so happy being out on that deck with his family and he didn’t have a great day. So it warms my heart to see that smile.
GOD bless this responsible, sweet soul. She helped her baby brother make a “special treat” from his “cookbook” he put together at school. He was so proud. She was so patient and sweet with him. Ellen Anne is a treasure.



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