Corona Virus Quarantine Day #173: Gigi Jingles: September 9, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #173: Gigi Jingles: September 9, 2020:

Perhaps no one is struggling more with the start of school than our newest family member…the dog, Gigi Jingles.

She’s a mess.  Every morning she tries to sneak out of the house and into the car.  If she does manage to get outside she will chase the car…far.  We’ve never actually seen how far she’d go but she has gone all the way out to the main road.  At which point, I put her in the car and bring her back home.  I certainly don’t want her running around on Kill Creek Road.  And…she’s crazy fast.  So she can keep up with the car on those side roads. 

She misses her people.  We got her on March 13th, the day the quarantine was announced.  She’s been with us all pretty much everyday since that day.  So now all the noise and excitement is gone most of the day.  She’s not sure what the hell is going on.

Truthfully, I’m not either. 

I can admit, I don’t always love this dog.  She’s a puppy.  She jumps, she bites, she chews…but hot damn…she’s really cute and sweet.  As many know September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and I I have an Alex’s Million Mile team and we are trying to help Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation walk, run or bike 1 million miles in the month of September.  That has benefitted Gigi greatly because I take her down to the bike trail by our house and we go on a long walk every day that I can.  The extra miles are a huge bonus!    

She loves it.  She loves all the smells, sights and sounds.  She loves special time with her mommy.  I listen to Hamilton, sing and basically speed walk or jog because she walks so darn fast.  It’s great to have this time to wear her out.  When we get back to the car she sprints to the door so she can lay down because she works so hard on our walk. When we get home she usually passes out upside down for a few hours. 

My mom reports that when I am at work she mopes around the house looking for us.  Then settles back down on the couch sad. 

When we all get home she’s so happy she pees.  It’s not awesome.  We need to break her of that little habit but the poor thing is so happy to see everyone she can’t help it. 

I want to put her in doggy school…Bryan thinks she will just outgrow the puppy phase.

I’m not so sure.  I’ve never had a big dog before and big dogs can do things like reach the food on the counter and her love bites are a little more painful than our 14 lb. dogs ever were. 

Either way, I’m accepting all suggestions and advice!

So we are all adjusting to life with Gigi.  It’s a good thing she’s so cute and as you can see from the pictures…her siblings sure do love her.

Fletcher in his sister’s pink shoes hugging on his buddy Gigi Jingles

Somehow the child who is the most loving to her isn’t in any of these pictures. It’s safe to say Finley Joe is her favorite.. I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s the calmest of all.

I’m hoping that in a few months I’m reporting that this crazy furry giant no longer jumps or pees when she’s excited or nips at us when we are playing outside. Again, excepting all advice on how to tame the wild beast that is Gigi Jingles.



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