Corona Virus Quarantine: Keeping My Head Above Water?!?!? September 7, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #171: Keeping the head above water?!?!?: September 7, 2020:

Keeping your head above water becoming a struggle? Anyone? No?  Just me?

I feel like there are so many schedules floating around in my head at all times.  As a parent, we have 5 kids.  That means five different schedules.  Fortunately, two of the boys are the same age and play on the same teams so that dwindles it down to 4 schedules for sports, 3 emails from teachers.

The triplets have to do a book report each month, so that’s three books that I have to either have already read or read with them.  They ALL want me to read their book and discuss it with them.  Which is totally awesome…but holy moly, when will I read all these books?

Each child has at least three different log ins to the various online things they have to log into.  That’s a minimum of 15 log ins for our 5 children.  I can’t even remember my own passwords to things I log onto everyday.  Yikes.  We are going to have to put a large board in the laundry room with all the passwords there…that’s the only way I can manage all of those numbers and letters.

Then there is my school schedule.  It’s a hybrid model so freshman/sophomores are in the actual school twice a week and juniors and seniors are in school twice a week. One day is totally virtual.  It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes. I have to write out my schedule for the week so that I am in the right place at the right time. This hour I’m on zoom, the next hour I’m in person…gotta keep it straight!

Perhaps the biggest struggle will be that while I will have kids with their butts in the seats on “in school days” I will also have kids with their butts at home on zoom.  So I will have kids “zooming” in to my live classroom while I’m teaching students who are present.  I still haven’t wrapped my head around this one, even though I’ve practiced it.  I’m sure I will get the hang of it, but just thinking about it makes my head spin.

Volleyball.  I am so beyond grateful it is happening.  However, now that it is happening I am trying to schedule matches.  For four teams.  There are many challenges to that.  One of them being one district, Olathe, can’t play matches outside their league.  Another district, Shawnee Mission, still hasn’t released their athletes to play and may not do so at all.  Blue Valley just released their athletes last Friday.  Every school is in the same scenario and everyone is scrambling.  My situation isn’t unique.  This is just hard.

I want to get all of our teams as many games as possible…but scheduling them has really become a giant challenge and a full time job.

I have faith and hope that it will all work out and that we will make the very best of this bizarre school year. 

But for now…I feel a little like my head may pop off my body and roll away.  I know it won’t and I will get in a rhythm with all of this…but I just had to keep it real for a minute.

A shout out to my Sacred Heart friends who are helping to take my kids after school and help to get them to their practices or the ones who drive them back to SJA when their practices are over. Another shout out to my husband and my mom who also help to keep me grounded and above water. I’m so blessed by those two especially!

It truly takes a village.  I have the very best village.  I’m beyond grateful for that.  I  am certain it is why my head is still attached. 

I’m also grateful for a long weekend with my favorite people, fall decorations up, time with my family to swim, eat, play and volleyball. The Slam happened. I have much to be grateful for this Monday evening!

The only picture I took today…Fiona trying to escape to Chicago with Grandpa Joe!

Stay safe my friends!  Keep your head above water!



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