Corona Virus Quarantine Day #149: Happy Birthday’s and time with cousins: August 16, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #149: Happy Birthday’s and time with cousins: August 16, 2020:

Today is Grandma Dixie’s birthday so all of us got together to celebrate the special lady that she is to all of us!  It is always a good time when the Dorsey and Hall kids get together!  There was basketball played, ping pong, capture the flag, fishing and of course singing to the birthday girl.

I’ve been a bit of an anxious mess all day today, so celebrating the birthday girl was a nice and needed distraction.  Tomorrow I start back to school.  We don’t have kids yet but I’ll be in meetings the next few weeks.  I’m a combination of excited and nervous.

Also, I don’t have childcare.  I cannot find a babysitter for the fall.  Bryan is working from home but he’s on calls most of the day so he’s not able to play with the kids the way I do when I am home…so stress.

We start volleyball tomorrow and I’m super excited but I’m also unsure of what this season will bring.  Not to mention I have a lot of rescheduling to do, so I need to get on that asap!  Tryouts are my least favorite thing in the whole world and those start tomorrow too!

I hate uncertainty.  It’s not my strong suit and my life is currently filled with it…

So…today, celebrating Grandma Dixie and having fun with cousins was just what the doctor ordered.

It’s back to the grind as they say tomorrow.  I look forward to seeing how this year goes.  Just wish I had a best guess as what that would look like.

Happy birthday to Grandma Dixie.  She is beloved by her children and grandchildren and we all loved celebrating her today!  She raised three wonderful children and I am blessed to be married to one of them.

Cousin time!  Happy birthday Grandma!

  Happy birthday Grandma…we love you!



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