Corona Virus Quarantine Day #147:Old Friends: August 14, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #147: Old Friends: August 14, 2020:

It has been a busy day at the Dorsey house. Mom had camp all week and the kids had to adjust to mom being at work again.  That’s been a long time coming!  When I got home it was like “oh, mom, you are home?” As if I hadn’t spent every minute of the last 5 months with them!

It was such a blessing to be in the gym everyday.  Aside from the meat locker temps (which my girls can attest to) it was incredible to just be in the presence of volleyball.  We had a blast and I was so happy to be doing my thing in my favorite place with some pretty awesome people!

On an even happier note, the Jo Co schools decided to proceed with tryouts and start dates of August 17th regardless of what the Jo Co gating criteria states.  Technically we are at a 10.5% so normally, we’d be shut down but so many parents have protested and have put pressure on the Blue Valley school district to come up with alternative plans.  Tuesday, August 18th, is going to be a big day in HS sports as the superintendents will meet with the Jo Co Health Department to determine the new criteria that will keep us in schools and in sports.

It should be another exciting week in the world of the Rona!  There is literally never a dull moment!

On another positive note, today, we had some of Bryan’s oldest friends over.  I’m talking I’ve known you since kindergarten type of old friends.  It was such a blast. There is something so pure about being with people that you grew up with.  They know you from your roots. You literally grow up together and learned to be a man together.

I can remember when I first met his best and oldest friends!  I also remember feeling like they were a part of his story and that their goodness made me love him even more.

I know he feels the same way when we go to Chicago and hang with my oldest friends.

Also, is there anything cooler than your kids becoming friends with your oldest friend’s kids?

I’d argue…no. It’s pretty special.  The kids were planning our next get together as a sleep over…LORD help me!

So after a long, fun and exhilarating week I got to end it with some pretty awesome people.  I am so grateful for all the goodness GOD has put in our path and these special friends are definitely a part of our story.

I am grateful that they have always made me feel like I was here from the start, that they love the role I have in Bryan’s life and that they have always taken an interest in our children’s life.

I will go to bed tonight tired but revived as I spent my week coaching the sport I love, in a school I truly appreciate, with kids I really care about. I will go to bed tonight incredibly grateful that we have awesome people in our lives that have been an important part of our story (I wish I had more pictures).

These are the type of people who show up with the poop hits the proverbial fan.  They are your ride or die kind of people and I’m so thankful they are a part of our story.

I have found that the very best of friends don’t have to talk everyday. They don’t have to see each other everyday but when the phone rings, they pick up. When the poop hits the fan, they show up and when you want to get back to your roots, you call them.

I’m so happy our kids will grow up knowing their kids. It literally gives me the chills.  What a blessing.

GOD is good. I am tired. I love my husband and his oldest friends and their sweet families. GOD is good.

It’s a good reminder to me to appreciate the people you have in your life that will always be there.  I know they are on that list.  I know they know the same about us.

GOD is good.

Some throwbacks:

Bryan and his oldest friend Kyle and Russ!


Old friends and new friends!


No sleepover with buddies so they wanted to sleep with their siblings in the “big bed.”  My heart!




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