Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #145: Happy Birthday: August 12, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #145: Happy Birthday: August 12, 2020

Today is the birthday of my favorite man on Earth…Bryan Matthew Dorsey.  He is my best friend, the most amazing dad, the best coach, the best market research analyst in town, greatest uncle, amazing son, incredibly hard worker, funniest person I know and just all around great man.

When I was a young woman I would dream up what the man I would marry would be like.  I had high hopes.  Bryan Dorsey exceeded them all.  Our family is so blessed to have him as our person.  I could literally go on and on all day but I figured these images of his day and all the love our kids showed him will tell the story better.  Our kids worked all week together and independently to make their dad presents and cards that would represent how much they love him.  Aside from their creativity they produced all these things with great love!  Happy birthday to the best man I have ever known….

One of Fiona’s gifts…”my dad is a catch”.  I love it!  Our children are very creative!


Daddy and his furry girlfriend Gigi!

Fiona made her Daddy an ABC book. The words were hilarious.  “Optimistic” I have no idea what this means!” When I asked her why she used a word she couldn’t define she said, I have heard people say it and I’ve seen it a lot and I know it’s a good one and Daddy’s a good one.”  Hilarious!


Bryan’s “birthday” balloon from the girls at camp!

These kids are so grateful for their daddy and that…is awesome!

Twinsies!  The birthday boy smiling big with one of his boys!

Daddy playing Sorry with the kiddos before dinner!  The kids cleaning up the kitchen after dinner…didn’t even need to ask them!  GOD is good!  Also, the coffee ice cream Daddy likes from Syla’s and Maddy’s (that I was instructed to wrap) which had to be opened immediately after dinner, per Fletcher’s request! 

The kids and their Daddy.  So much love.  One of the things I dreamt of when I thought of my future husband was that he’d be an amazing example to any sons I may have (we have 3) about how to be a good dad and husband, also, that he’d be an awesome example to our girls (we have 2) on how a man should treat a woman and how a real man treats his children.  Check and check!

#1 Dad!  Ellen was involved in just about every single creative present that Daddy got, including the tuxedo card and the #1 dad ribbon.  She was so excited to give it to him!


Bryan and his parents, Jim and Dixie.  I will pray that when my sons and daughters are having a birthday 40 years after their birth that I get to be there!  So grateful for these two for raising such an incredible person.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  Jim and Dixie raised a good man…the best!

Presents galore!


Happy Birthday Bryan Matthew Dorsey!

Thank you GOD for this amazing man!




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