Corona Virus Quarantine Day #142: Getting Excited: August 9, 2020:

I’ll be short and sweet today….

During corona virus it’s been hard to get excited about a lot.  It isn’t like you can make plans and if you even make the smallest of plans it’s likely that it could change.

All summer I’ve been trying to get camp in for our high schoolers.  At one point I was told I could have little kids camps too…I was so excited. My own children were so excited…but alas…it all got cancelled.

I am almost afraid to write this, but I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in a gym tomorrow.  Tomorrow I get to work with high school students and play volleyball.  I can almost not believe I am writing that down.

While we cannot predict the future and have no idea what our season will look like…I know with absolute certainty that these kids are pumped.  In our group chat there have been so many messages coming our way about how excited they are and I completely get it.  I’m not a teenager and I’m right there with them.

Our own children however are bummed out…because they can’t come.  Also, they are shaken by the fact that I’m going to be gone from 7-2pm tomorrow. They have spent every second with me for the past 5 months and all of them must have asked me 25 questions about what time I’d leave in the morning and exactly what time I’d be home. The girls gave me about 10 extra hugs.

It made me a little sad that they seemed in distress about me being gone for a few hours.  But…I get to be in a GYM!  YAY!

All the girls will have to wear a mask the entire time we are together, there can be no huddles or high fives and that will all be weird…but I’ll take what I can get!

Stay tuned…




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