Corona Virus Quarantine Day #140: #goodpeoplevelcro: August 7, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #140: #goodpeoplevelcro: August 7, 2020

Today Bryan celebrated his 20th year at John Deere today.  It’s hard to believe we are old enough to have worked anywhere for 20 years.

I have always found Bryan to be the most practical, level headed, deep thinker that I’ve ever known.  He can be emotional but when it comes to decision making or responding to difficult situations he is always very calm and thoughtful in his response.  I have always really loved that about him because I am in some ways, the opposite.  While I can usually keep myself from saying or doing anything I would regret, I respond to most things emotionally.

Bryan has always helped me talk through my frustrations and he’s constantly reminding me that “you can’t change crazy” when I’m upset about something someone has done or said.

There are times when I wish he’d just let me be my emotional self about a wrong that has come my way but in the end I know his pragmatic approach is the better one and he always calms me down.

For his 20th anniversary today his colleagues made him a presentation.  People he has worked with in his time there, some retired, some his employees, others people who are or have been his boss wrote notes and included pictures from their time working with him.

I swelled with enormous pride and even had a few tears when I read these notes.  A few things stood out to me…everyone commented on his ability to manage his work and his family.  One person said “it always impresses me how you can be such a high performer at work and also be all in with your family, you are a great role model for working parents who want to be present with family at home.”


Another colleague wrote that Bryan “was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in his field who has high standards for excellence that he instills in his team and his partners.”

Double wow.  I see this of course everyday when we coach our teams, either our big kids at St. James or the little kids at Sacred Heart.  He has a beautiful gift of getting the best out of everyone in his life but also making it fun and exciting.  I could totally see how working for him would be totally awesome.

Another one of his employees talks about how his “character and integrity have always been a constant, you have a good soul and I appreciate that your priorities and heart are always in the right place.” Ugh…so true!

Other things were said like:

“All who have had the pleasure of working with you are better because of it.”

“I admire your passion for family, faith and work.”

“You are a thoughtful leader, professional and colleague, a reliable business advisor and manager and most significantly you are a dedicated father and supportive husband, these are the things I appreciate most about you.”  Perfect.  Also, so true.

Perhaps my favorite comment was the following:

“You have this #goodpeoplevelcro about you!”  She later goes on to say “you are a Dove dark chocolate kind of good people.”  I should also mention that #goodpeoplevelcro is now my favorite saying and that I can’t think of a better way to describe my husband.

Bryan manages a lot for our family.  He works his rear off at John Deere to be the best employee he can be, but it’s so much more than that.  He loves that company; he believes in his company.  Growing up on a farm and ag has always been a huge part of his life.  Working at John Deere keeps him close to his roots and that is beautiful.     While we are so blessed that he has found a job that he loves and that loves him back.  John Deere is an amazing company.  Our whole family has been blessed by this company and their commitment to their employees.

On top of his hard work at his actual job, he works incredibly hard for our family.  He coaches all the teams, he builds a barn for goodness sakes, he fishes, gets up early with the new puppy and a million other little things that are big things to all of us.  Everything he does is to make our lives better or easier or more full.  The proof is in the way our children love, appreciate and celebrate their daddy.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this is that when you are your true genuine self, like Bryan always is, people see you for what you are.  I think sometimes, in the adult world we live in, we forget that because it isn’t normal for us to tell each other on a regular basis (we should really change that).  In this case, they see a man who deeply loves his family (his greatest asset I’d argue), who works incredibly hard, who is a truly good person and who has a deep faith.  That perfectly describes the man I married.

I know that writing this will embarrass my husband but I don’t care, it’s also his birthday week so I think celebration is in order either way.  I think it’s awesome that his boss and co worker thought enough of him to put this together.  People are busy, people can’t respond to emails, but people found time to write these notes for Bryan.

As I said before, I swelled with pride. It isn’t often in our professional life that people take time to tell you how awesome you are.  I’m glad that he was celebrated today by some of his favorite work friends because I know I’m biased, but he deserved it.

img_1325  Finley celebrated dad with a celebratory plate of fruit…this is also why my Costco bill is so high! 


The kids helped me make Daddy’s celebratory feast…hamburgers, corn, asparagus, applesauce and his favorite chocolate chip cookies!



Dog snuggles were in order today!

Fiona, the resident expert tooth puller outer was wiggling Fletcher’s tooth tonight assessing whether or not she could get that bad boy out.  He’s been wiggling it all darn day!


This guy got to go to his favorite place…the Dollar Store today.  When we were close enough that he could see it, he said “Dollar Tree I’m coming for you!”  His big selections were a skeleton to decorate his room for Halloween and slime.  This kid…


Fiona wanted matching hair with mommy…when did she become a 16 year old!  


Cooper helping Fletcher with his sight word games.  This was a highlight from my day for sure.  Cooper kept reminding him to be patient (not Fletcher’s strong suit) and to try to sound out the word.  He would make a great teacher someday, he has the softest heart.




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