Corona Virus Quarantine Day #138: Best Buds: August 5, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #138: Best Buds: August 5, 2020:

Grandma has each one of our children for a sleep over during the summer.  Given the fact that we have 5 kids so close in age, they rarely get alone time with anyone, so it’s a nice treat for sure!

When Grandma Dixie texted asking for one of the boys I had a sneaking suspicion that they may want to go together but I wasn’t sure.  When I asked them who wanted to go first for their sleep over both Finley and Cooper replied “can’t we just go together?”

I explained to them that this was their chance for alone time with their Grandma and Grandpa and they both still insisted that they wanted to go together.

You see…Finley and Cooper are truly best buds.  They have always gotten along but the corona virus quarantine has sort of sealed the deal that these two are the best of buddies. They don’t like to be apart, so the idea of only one of them going to grandma’s was not an option for them.  They play together all day and almost never fight.  They go to their bedroom at night to write their journals and take turns playing songs on their Alexa.  They even sing.  If one goes to the barn, the other always follows.

As parents it is our goal that our kids grow up to be life long friends.  There is nothing more important than family and to see them living this out at the mere age of 10 is so special.

I am not a fool, I realize this could change or that as they get older they may grow more distant but when I see them interact and I watch them play together and I look at this situation with their Grandma’s sleep over I can’t help but think that they will be best buds for life.  LORD I hope so.

I think it’s important to note that their siblings Ellen, Fiona and Fletcher all told me it was “weird” without them here tonight.  That didn’t make me mad either.  Maybe it’s just all this time we’ve spent together but I’d argue that these kids really do like each other.

I’m so grateful.

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe…thank you Courtney and Chris Bohle.  This was super fun.  

This kid needs a haircut.  I also need him to be less of a stinker.  Anyone got ideas?  Man…gray hair here I come. 


Grandma took the boys to their cousin Willie’s baseball game.  He even hit a home run!

Feeding the baby calf and a night time snack!  


A throw back for fun.  I cannot with this picture.  These three have always been buddies and this one is my favorite from that first year of their life.  I think when they are 16 we should reenact this bad boy.  Sadly they won’t fit in that chair together anymore.   



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