Corona Virus Quarantine #127: Sunday, Sunday: July 26, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine #127: Sunday, Sunday: July 26, 2020:

Last year at this time our family was in Colorado with Bryan’s side of the family.  I was looking at pictures from that trip today reminiscing about what an awesome experience it was…also sort of wishing I was there right now!  It was in the upper 70’s most days…perfect weather!  Today was a scorcher so pretty much the opposite of Colorado!

Today was a pretty typical Sunday for us starting with breakfast then “puter” church.  I am really ready for church to be normal again.  We are going to try to go to mass in the church next week and I’m really excited.  Fiona will get to receive the Holy Eucharist for the first time since her Communion, so that in and of itself will be exciting.  The kids will have to get over having to wear a mask since it will be required in school. Church will be good practice for the mask wearing.


I will never really get used to this watching mass on a screen business…but I guess it’s better than nothing!

After mass I hosted Ellen and Fiona’s classes (separately) at the barn for some volleyball lessons.  We are getting ready for the CYO season we hope is going to happen.  It’s pretty fun with Ellen’s class to see how far they have come since we started doing open gyms 2 years ago.  They were actually pass, set, hitting today!  That was fun!  They’ve all gotten so much better.  Ellen has really been working hard.  I can’t wait to watch her on the court this year! Good LORD do I love coaching volleyball.


One of the moms snapped a picture of me working on setting with the girls.  Such a gem!  

Fiona’s class followed Ellen’s.  They are all mostly just learning for the first time.  There is nothing more exciting than taking a first try at a new sport (in my humble opinion).  It was fun to see them try to serve for the first time and then successfully get their first serve over the net.  Pretty cool!  A former player of mine sent me a video she had on her phone of the first time Fiona attended volleyball camp.  She was 3.  She was doing footwork.  Crazy how that seems like it was yesterday.  I can still remember her with her crazy curly hair passing the ball off of a toss even then.  I can’t wait to watch her play in a game for the first time.  It’s pretty exciting!

The kids, of course, went fishing again today and caught their daily round of catfish.

Then we topped the day off for a night swim with friends and Finley bought us all Dairy Queen with a gift card he’s been holding on to for a long time.  We even saw a rainbow on the way home!  Score…hopefully that means we are going to get some much needed rain.


This terrible picture doesn’t do the rainbow justice.  It was glorious!

On the ride home each kid got to pick a song to jam to and they all picked Hamilton songs…no complaints here. I am not going to have a voice tomorrow between 2.5 hours of volleyball, talking with my family all day and of course belting out songs in the car!  When we walked into the house Fletcher looked at his daddy and said “Aaron Burr, sir!”  Hilarious that our 5 year old son has many of the songs memorized.

There can’t be complaining when your day consists of church, volleyball, fishing, swimming, seeing friends, singing and Dairy Queen.  I’ll chalk that up for a pretty darn good day!

Bryan and I did have a pretty early wake up call this morning so I’m not sad to be going to be early!  Tomorrow is another day.  We’ve had about a week off from our summer school work (outside of daily reading and our nightly journal) so we have to get back on track tomorrow in preparation for school!

I’m hoping to get some direction tomorrow on my own school situation as well as some kind of announcement on sports.

I cannot wait to get started!

Perhaps the highlight of my day…finishing our thank you cards for Mr. Greg and Mrs. Elainey.  Finley’s has taken days because he wanted to draw a picture of an actual picture I took of him going down their slide.  It’s pretty impressive to be honest.  I love that they don’t fight me on these kinds of things.  Showing gratitude is huge for us and since quarantine they’ve gotten so much better at doing so without being reminded. 

GOD bless!



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