Corona Virus Quarantine Day #126: Saturday’s celebr8ing awesome! July 25, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #126: Saturday’s celebrating awesome!  July 25, 2020:

I have always loved Saturdays.  As a small child it meant Saturday morning cartoons and Dunkin’ Donuts pink frosted donuts with sprinkles, as a middle/high schooler it meant volleyball tournaments, as a coach it means volleyball tournaments as well and now as a mother it means I get to watch my kids play sports.  Such goodness in Saturday’s.

Each season fall, winter and spring bring different levels of excitement on Saturday’s.  All equally awesome.

In the era of the corona our Saturday’s have looked different than the traditional during the year.  Today was a great Saturday on many levels.  The kids got to see their cousins to bring over birthday cards and got to play for a little while.  Man do these kids love all of their cousins.  It’s so fun to watch them interact.  We have such love for our 9 nephews, our kids are so blessed to grow up with so many kids close to their age.  It’s pretty stinking incredible.

I didn’t get a lot of photos but these two love each other.  They are two peas in a pod, love nature, tools and getting into mischief.  It’s so much fun to watch them together.  I missed photos of the soccer game that occurred.  

Then we needed to make a pit stop at the store so mom ran in while everyone else waited in the car and we got Chic-Fila for lunch (any meal I don’t have to prepare at this point is a celebration, plus their chicken sandwich is amazing).  The people at Chic-Fila are so nice and so organized. It’s awesome.  Kudos to them.  The man who handed us our food saw we had 5 kids in the car and reached back into the store window for some extra prizes…sunglasses.  The kids thought this was the best thing ever!

So stinking cute.  Thank you Chik Fila!

“Eat more Chikin”  The kids got finger puppets that suggest we should eat more “chikin”.  The kids plan to torture Ellen (who gags when eating chicken) with them!  

This crazy boy…”eat more chikin” and reading Christmas books in July!  He always keeps me on my toes.  

We played basketball in the barn, capture the flag and got to swim again at Aunt Jenny’s and Uncle Luke’s.  I’m a little concerned that our children are going to become fish, that Fletcher’s hair will never not be a little green and that we won’t always have one kid with swimmer’s ear…but whatever, they are having fun!


Swim, swim and more swim…we played the movie game for a solid hour.  We are going to have to move on to athletes or sports teams or just people we know.  We are running out of movie options.  

Ellen got to go to grandma and grandpas for a sleep over all by herself.  Something our kids don’t get a lot of with 5 kids in the house…alone time.  I can see from the pictures Grandma Dixie keeps sending that she’s having the time of her life.  It’s been super weird without her here and I have found myself looking for her all day, but I’m so happy for her to have time alone with her grandparents and cousin Petey.


Ellen making apple pie at Grandma’s with her cousin Petey!  She was pretty excited about it!


Loving on little kitties down on the farm!  


Ellen bottle feeding a calf with Grandpa!

Tonight our other cousins came over and we ate pizza, played games, ate ice cream and watched the Royals win.  I wish I had the kid’s celebration on video because it was as if they had just won the World Series when they clenched the victory. So. Much. Cheering.

As I put the kids to bed tonight I had the great pleasure of reading three Christmas stories to Fletcher (he also requested Christmas music in the car), got to sing some Hamilton with our older boys before turning out the lights and had a nice chat with Fiona Bell.  I know that someday these moments will be fleeting and in a blink of an eye they will be graduating high school.  It doesn’t seem possible but I’d be a fool to not heed the warnings of all those wise ones that came before me.  So today…I tried to soak in all the goodness, all the sweetness, all the hugs, the songs, the sass and the memories.  GOD is so good.


Don’t worry I’ve read “A Night Before Christmas” every night for weeks!  Happy summer!

I can go to bed tonight knowing that we spent great time with a host of people we love, we surround our children with people who love them and they are given so many opportunities throughout the day to play, have fun and just be the sweet little human beings they are.

I hope your Saturday was full of celebrating awesome things as well!




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