Corona Virus Quarantine Day #125: Not so Olympic: July 24, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #125: Not so Olympic: July 24, 2020:

Today was supposed to be the start of the 2020 Olympics.  Does that make anyone else incredibly sad?

I am so missing sports but can we get an AMEN that the Royals are on today.  I don’t love watching baseball on TV, I much prefer it in person…but even I was excited to see Salvy, Whit and Gordon show up in my living room today.

When I think about what those athletes have put into their training to have it all get cancelled, I cannot image how profound that sense of loss must be for those athletes.  They now have another year of training to prepare for the Olympics next summer (hopefully).  Maybe some athletes appreciated the extra time to train. Others may be have been at the end of their careers and wanted to go out with a bang!  I’m sure some of them worry about injury or illness between now and then.  Either way I know the athletes must have heavy hearts today at what would have been the start of something they’ve worked their whole lives for!  I’m saying some silent prayers for them tonight as I’m sure they are feeling their loss extra hard today.

Also, I’m a little salty because the Dorsey family Olympics also got postponed.  I was so looking forward to the boat races in the pond, pie eating and shooting contests (we do the Olympics a little different up in here).  Not to mention the Olympic torch run, medal ceremony and Olympic inspired food.

Darn Covid.  Seems to be ruining a lot of things doesn’t it?

Oh well, we will have our real Olympics and our Dorsey version next summer and this summer will be a blur…hopefully!

At the Dorsey household today we has a little winter Olympic fun at the ice skating rink. A good time to practice something totally foreign to them and also to practice wearing a mask.  Skating is a great way to get stronger and grow in confidence trying something we aren’t comfortable doing.  This all started because Cooper decided he wants to play hockey (which I don’t see happening for a great many reasons).  I have not had a chance to see them on the ice until today and I have to say it was a blast.  Here are some highlights!

Skating backwards, with one leg up, with speed and in a circle.  So much fun! 

Cooper and Ellen getting some speed! 

Ellen and Cooper!  Ellen is almost as tall as her teacher!  

The backward skate!  Fiona and Finley!

Finley and Fiona working on that coordination and balance! 

Ellen and Cooper working on that backward skate…already better than I ever was!

After skating, in an effort to keep the Olympic vibe going we headed to the barn to play volleyball and basketball.  We rounded out our day with swimming so we got three of the summer sports covered and one winter sport in one day…so I’ll chalk it up for a successful Olympic journey of our own.

When a 1st Team All American comes over to train and helps your daughter with her setting…pretty cool!  These kids don’t know how lucky they are! 

Ellen also got to serve along side her buddy.  She was pretty excited. 

In other news the kids got an official date to start school today, August 31st.  I’m very interested to see what a school day is going to be structured to look like.  I know the teachers are as well.  I have always felt like the school day is too long of little ones (8-3:20 is too much time), but I feel like if they are in one room with a mask on for that same amount of time, it is going to feel extra long.  So for now, we wait to hear the plan and pray for the administration and teachers who will carry it out!

Now…I retire to my bed after a long day of playing sports with my favorite people.


Wish I could read their thoughts…but I sure do love their snuggles.

Stay well!



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