Corona Virus Quarantine Day #117: All the questions, none of the answers: July 16, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #117: I don’t know!  July 16, 2020:

For the past 24 hours my phone has been blowing up.  “Nancy, what do you think about the governor’s decision?”  “Coach Dorsey will we have a season?” “Do you think we will go to school at all or have on line school?”  “What will you do with your own kids if they don’t go to school in September?”

So. Many. Questions.

All. Good. Questions.

Sadly…I. don’t. know. The. answers.

The last 24 hours has been exhausting to me.  I feel a little bit like I’ve been punched in the gut, a little bit like my head is spinning and a little bit like I want to hide in my closet and eat chocolate while rocking back and forth praying GOD will give me the answers to all of these questions.

I am disappointed that we will not start school on time.  I am sad that people are being negative about schools, admin and teachers on social media (what have they been doing for the past 4 months?).  I am tired of the political division.  I am sick of the uncertainty.  I am annoyed by the inaccuracies and the inability of mainstream media to present us with things that are fact rather than their opinions.

Everyone is frustrated, I get it and I’m right there with you.  Kids need school.  Kids need sports.  They need social interactions, for some children school is the only place they get this. For some kids their only reliable meal comes from school.  For others school is the safest place they know.

On the other side of this, parents need for their kids to have structure.  Parents need to know that their kids will be taken care of while they are working and that their instruction doesn’t require them to sit in front of a screen for 6-8 hours a day.

I get it.  I’m a parent and a teacher and a coach.  So I have the unique perspective of seeing this from every side.

And… I don’t have the answers.  Perhaps no one does.  The reality is that when this wave passes we will look back on it with hindsight and know what we did and the impact it had long term.

What I do know is that I will work to find the answers as best I can.  I am on calls once a week discussing sports at the national level.  I am learning what other states are doing or not doing and I am in discussions in our own state on how to guarantee our kids get a season this fall.  There are no perfect answers because there is no one perfect plan that makes everyone happy.

To me, the goal is to give them something.  Something is better than nothing.  But…in order to give them anything, we must be in school.

Governor Kelly’s decision didn’t take those things away yet, her decision just delayed them.

That is how I have to look at this so I don’t lose my mind.  We are on pause, for a little longer.  Not ideal, but not the end either.

As I said yesterday…until I can sort out my feelings I’m just going to focus on the goodness of my day.

Our day started with tennis lessons with the best tennis instructor ever, Anna Bomhoff.  I wasn’t sure if Fletcher would want to join but today he was 100% all in.  When she was leaving he even asked her if she could come back tomorrow.  He had a blast.  The older kids were so excited for him and they had a lot of fun today too!

Good times had by all!  

Lots of smiles and fun had by all!

And to no surprise my day looked a lot like all the ones that came before it. Except today we had a couple of visitors.  One of my former players brought her boyfriend over to meet the family.  It was a great visit and so much fun to watch these two college athletes interact with our kids.  Their faces lit up when they agreed to play basketball or watch them play hockey in the driveway and we even got in a short volleyball game.

It’s always pretty cool when our former players bring people they care about to meet us.  It’s also very awesome that these people we have coached over the past 15 years are still a big part of our life and the lives of our children.  I’m so grateful for our vocation of coaching.  While today was so awesome in so many ways it was also a stark reminder of what I, and many others, (including our athletes) are in danger of losing this fall and it made me a little sad.  Ok, it made me a lot sad.

I think one of the thing Bryan and I do best is build relationships.  I believe strongly that kids don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  My first principal ever said that to me and it always stuck with me.  It’s true.  Our players know we care about them as human beings which in turn makes them want to be better for us on a daily basis.  The relationships we form with our kids is why we coach.  Our job is not to win state titles (though I’m not going to say I don’t enjoy those) it’s to build strong, confident young women who will go out and change our world for the better.  It’s to teach them how to be a great person and player who will later be a great parent or coach.

When the girls come back to visit it always warms my heart and reminds me that what we do matters.

Setting instruction from one of the best.  Hockey among brothers and basketball fun!

So I’m going to focus on that for now. One day at a time, control what I can control until we have a better idea of what/how this is all going to play out.

But to those that feel rage, sadness, uncertainty, confusion or anxiety about all of this…I see you.  I understand you.  I feel you.

Let’s all hang in there together, think positive and pray for the best possible outcome!





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