Corona Virus Quarantine Day #115: Painting, Sports, Drywall and sweet surprises!

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #115: Painting, Sports, Drywall and sweet surprises!

Today’s been a good day.  We stayed pretty busy with activities around the house but the best part of the day was our sweet surprise.  Here is our day in pictures!

It was a little cool this morning and we needed to be outside so we had a painting party.  Cooper is obsessed with hockey right now, so he wanted to paint his favorite team…the Blackhawks.  Ellen wanted to do a summer painting…hence the flamingo on the beach.  Finley wanted a St. James canvas (he picked the design) and Fletchy painted one of his birthday presents, a flower pot with dinosaurs on both sides!  Fiona was at the orthodontist so she did not get to create a masterpiece!


The finished product.  The seeds are in…now we water, wait and hope we can grow something. He’s pretty excited.  

Barn time with my favorite children!  Always a good time!

The front part of the barn is coming together…finally.  Drywall went up today.  It was pretty exciting. The kids loved watching them work!  GOD bless these men, they work hard.

Perhaps the best part of the day was our surprise of the day…Gary Dulek, the father of one of our former players, Katie called me today.  When my phone rang and Finley (who was using my phone to play music in the barn) told me who was calling I panicked.  Their sweet, caring and compassionate daughter has been in Belize doing mission work for a year.  I was hoping nothing was wrong.  So glad I got that one wrong.  Everything was fine…thank GOD. Katie’s doing GOD’s work and taking care of people less fortunate, totally something she was born to do.  Gary just wanted to say hello and check in and ask if it was ok for him to bring cinnamon rolls to the house for the kids.  Gary is famous for his cinnamon rolls and I’m embarrassed to admit this but I’m 100% sure that I have never had one before.  They always made their way to tournaments and volleyball events but by the time I came around they had already been devoured (I now understand why).  I’m happy to say that today I tried my first one ever.  I should tell you, I’m upset it’s taken this long to try one.  They are as amazing as everyone have always said.  So delicious.  To top it off he also brought a new recipe…raspberry cream cheese cinnamon rolls.  For the record, raspberries are my favorite fruit.  These ones were even more amazing.

All the deliciousness aside, it warms my heart so much that this man who I don’t see near as often as I used to thought to himself…I should make my famous cinnamon rolls for the Dorsey family today.  There are so many good people in the world and the Dulek family are among the best.  I’m super sad that I wasn’t here when he arrived but my kids were very excited to tell me about it when I did get home.  They had a cinnamon roll for dessert tonight and plan to have another for breakfast!

I’m sure Gary has made these rolls 5,000 times but this time was extra special.  I’m so grateful that my vocation in life has brought wonderful people, like the Dulek’s, into our family.

The kids all gave the cinnamon rolls a double thumbs up…Fletcher gave more of a pistol…either way they were a huge fan!  Finley said they were better than Cinnabon’s…that’s the highest of praise right there!  Maybe Mr. Dulek should open a business…He’s got a few clients right here!

It was a great day!  Just goes to show you a random act of kindness can brighten someone’s day!  So thank you to Gary for ours…I know some pretty happy Dorsey’s tonight!





2 thoughts on “Corona Virus Quarantine Day #115: Painting, Sports, Drywall and sweet surprises!

  1. Matty says:

    Hearing from past students of mine still set the day aside as special…and I taught statices!! It is an amazing feeling. As for cinnamon rolls, Clyde and I are supposed to be using the time in quarantine to lose a few pounds using a low carb diet. It is working, but I fantasize about cinnamon rolls!

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