Corona Virus Quarantine Day #114: Rinse and Repeat with some fun additions: July 13, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #114: Rinse and Repeat: July 13, 2020:

I’d like to start out by saying that in less than one month I am supposed to be back at school in our teacher meetings. In about exactly 4 weeks we are supposed to welcome our freshman into our building.  At Walmart they are selling school supplies.

We are all hopeful that school will be in session…mostly because we care about the kids and their mental health.  The Governor is holding her education press conference on Wednesday, July 15th after KSDE issues their recommendations.

We. All. Wait. Anxiously.

Parents, teachers, administrators and students.  We all want the same thing above all else…the health and safety of our nation.

We also all want to be back in school…safely.

No one has the answers.  It’s hard. It’s a bit stressful.  It’s uncertain.  Maybe this week we will have some answers.

Now…that being said…today has been a little rinse and repeat for me.  Today began and ended like a lot of my days for the last 5 months (with a few awesome exceptions).

I started my day working out via zoom with our players.  We do this four days a week and I honestly look forward to it.  If I can’t be with them in person, I will at least sweat via on line workouts with them each day.

After that the kids did their school work while I made a giant breakfast for the kids and Grandpa Joe.  Their favorite…crepes.


Math…a daily struggle for me (no more fractions please) and Cooper eating our breakfast feast!

Then Hunter and Logan came over and we played for over two hours in the barn, the usual, kickball, basketball, pickle ball and volleyball.  Even Grandpa Joe got up and played some pickle ball.  It was pretty awesome to watch.


Even Gigi played in the barn.  Logey and Fiona using the fans to cool off!  Grandpa Joe playing pickle ball!


Awesome beyond words!

After that I made everyone lunch and we headed out to go fishing.  Sound familiar?  Yep.  This is pretty much our everyday.


Finley and Logan caught twin fish at the exact same time.  Today we had to fish with pieces of brat because we are out of worms…so I learned something new…fish like brats!  At one point when Logan was trying to get one off his hook to throw him back in he places a piece of brat in his mouth and he ate it right up!  Who knew?

The kids then begged me to go swim at Aunt Jenny and Uncle Luke’s house…which we did.

Then they made us a delicious dinner for Grandpa Joe’s last night in town.  Now, we make steak a fair amount…but Uncle Luke and Aunt Jenny made steak on kabobs tonight…which apparently is way cooler and much more delicious.  The kids loved it!  Also, the baked potatoes.  So yummy!

The best part about the past three days however, has been the time I’ve got to spend with my dad.  He’s done things on this trip that I’ve never seen him do. He seems less stressed, happier, lighter and the kids have really got to have conversations with him (they ask a lot of questions).  He’s swam in a pool on three separate occasions, played pickle ball, watched my nephew play baseball and hung out with us in a way he hasn’t been able to in a long time.


Conversations and lots of questions!

I’m grateful for this time with him. I’m grateful my kids have had this time with him and I look forward to his next visit.


All the grandkids and their Grandpa Joe.  Ellen and Sox, Grandpa Joe’s dog.

GOD is good.



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