Corona Virus Quarantine Day #112: Satur-yay! July 11, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #112: Satur-yay! July 11, 2020:

The kids had another great day.  However, Cooper has swimmer’s ear, so if anyone has a home remedy for that other than staying out of water and ear drops…I’m all ears.  This kid never misses a social opportunity and never misses time with his cousins but he was definitely feeling pain because he passed on both today.

I had to go to Wal Mart to get him ear plugs in hopes that he’d be able to swim but it was a no go.  I did get to experience a grandma with her 4 year old grandson tell a 75 year old Walmart greeter to “f off” when he asked her to put her mask on.  That was special.  She said that and walked right past him dragging her grandson in tow with no mask on.  I apologized to the man for her rudeness and he simply said, “thank you young lady but I’m used to it.”

How sad.  How very sad.

We are all entitled to our personal opinions about masks and wearing them in public. But…if we choose to go to a public place and said place requires them, please let’s not be rude and shout profanities at the poor people just trying to do their job.

It was gross.

I will mostly just share pictures today, I didn’t even take very many but on most accounts I spent the day cooking, spending time with family and enjoying a visit from our dad.  Joe Bell is in town and as we reflected I saw him in a pool for the first time in say 25 years.  It was very nice.

A great day all in all and I cannot complain.

When we wonder if kids watch and learn from us and those around them here is proof.  Fletcher has been wearing his Jayhawk jersey and playing basketball everyday…just like his big brothers.  It’s pretty sweet to watch them play with him.

More pool time at my sisters house!

Yummy dinner and Fletcher trying to “ride Gigi”.

Stay well!





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