Corona Virus Quarantine Day #111: Poolside: July 10, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #111: Poolside: July 10, 2020

Can I tell you that I keep writing June when I go to write the date?  Wishful thinking?  I’m not sure…but I definitely am not ready for all the decisions, changes and uncertainties that the start of the school year brings.

Today was a pool day.  We are blessed to have friends and family that are kind enough to let us swim in their pools.  It’s such a blessing to see our kids laugh and play with their friends and cousins.  Jennifer and I had a pool for most of our childhood and we spent a lot of time out there making memories.  Now Jennifer has a pool and our kids make those same memories together pretty much everyday playing colors, spinning in rafts and having splash contests.

It’s a lot of fun to watch them.  I used to love to swim but in my advanced age I’m more a fan of sitting on a raft and watching.  They certainly give us a lot to watch.


Getting ready for a game Bryan made up.  He is the best maker up of games I know.  The kids always have a blast!

The game was to see who could clear the three rafts with a broad jump.  Fletcher knew he couldn’t clear them but he could sure jump in the middle of them.  That kid has no fear, especially in the water. It’s terrifying to watch!

Fiona Bell’s long jump!

Cooper’s as well.  Somehow I didn’t get all of them (sorry Finley) but nevertheless it was fun to watch!  

The next week is fraught with anticipation.  KSDE is supposed to release their plan for schools July 15th and KSHSAA is supposed to release their plan for school sports by July 17th.  I’m anxiously awaiting both knowing full well that in two weeks, heck in two days it can change…but at least it’s a framework. So today, I tried to put all of that behind me and not think too much about all the things in this crazy pandemic that I cannot control.

Stay well my friends.



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