Corona Virus Quarantine Day #108: UGH! July 7, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #108: UGH! July 7, 2020:

Ever have the kind of day where you want to eat your weight in chocolate?  Nope?  Just me?  Well, I’m having that kind of day today.

The world has got me down.  I try to read as much as possible throughout the day and night to learn about all the issues plaguing our world right now so I can be prepared, be a leader in my community and prepare to be a teacher.  I think we can all agree there are many.

The most frustrating part…the part that makes me want to eat my weight in chocolate (which I’m happy to report I did not do) is that we cannot seem to get accurate information on ANYTHING.  I read two different articles today in regards to corona virus.  Both articles were published by doctors who are in the trenches fighting this virus…both with completely different opinions about school starting in the fall.  One was a total advocate for school and sports resuming because the mental health status and learning gap of kids would be too large and too scary to even imagine.  Another article, also written by a health professional who works with the Covid crisis as well says we absolutely cannot go back to school.  The risk is too great to ask of teachers who get paid so little and we’d be putting kids, teachers and their families in an environment where they would come in contact with 1,000’s of other people’s contacts making all of us walking transmitters of the virus.


The media is all over the place too.  One minute they make it sound like it’s been overblown and the statistics tell us that 99% of people who contract the virus are completely fine.  The next minute they act like getting it is either a death sentence or people who survive will have long term effects we cannot possibly imagine.  Others report that quarantine should continue indefinitely.  Some argue this is strictly political and overblown.  I can’t keep up and to be honest…don’t want to anymore.  The news is upsetting and unless it’s our local news team…I no longer want to hear them espouse their opinions.  I. want. cold. Hard. Facts.  Sadly, we aren’t getting these…at least not consistently.  So what to do?

Now think about the fact that we are talking about sending our kids to school in about 5 weeks where they will be exposed to Covid everyday.  I am talking about going back to a high school with 900 kids where I will be exposed to it everyday.  Sports are scheduled to start in August (hopefully) and I will be in and out of gyms with 100’s of people.  So again, I will be exposed to this, every single day…multiple times a day.

Who are we supposed to believe, who do we trust?  What information is the most accurate?  Honest?

To top things off I was on a national call about volleyball and each state is echoing the same thing…Sports may start…but they won’t finish.  Other states report they won’t have them at all in the fall.

I feel like as a nation we take one step forward and three giant steps backwards.

This thing is so hard to navigate and so difficult to know right from wrong, truth from fact.  It’s beyond frustrating.

But the truth be told we cannot escape this.  I just wish we had a more unified direction.  Not knowing where we are going or when or how is wearing on our entire nation and me specifically.  Couple that with all the other issues regarding race relations, police brutality and a looming election…things feel out of control.

For a person who likes to have control and a plan this is hard.

Then we have the race relations situation.  Same can be said of this situation.  When you turn on one station they are saying one thing, the other station says another.  On my call tonight we discussed race relations and what we as leaders and coaches could do to create unity and to educate our kids on the reality of this crisis in our nation.  It was a great conversation and many productive things were said and discussed.

In regards to this conversation on race relations one of the members of the leadership team said “if we lead with love we will get it in return.”  I am going to go to bed tonight with that thought in my head.  I loved it and it spoke to me.  I feel like that is my specialty. I have always and will always lead my family, my students and my athletes with love in my heart. I will share with them my life experiences and my heart and I know from experience I will get love in return.  I pray our nation can do the same in regards to all of the stuff we have going on right now.

So today, I wanted to eat my weight in chocolate.  Luckily I have relatively good self control so I refrained…but I have to say, it was tempting.  Instead I hugged my kids a little tighter, had meaningful conversations with my hubby and talked to a few friends to make things seem a little more right with the world.

So wherever you are on any of these issues…I pray that we learn the actual truth.  I pray that this virus goes away or we find a vaccine that is safe.  I pray for the safety and health of our nation.  I pray for an end to police brutality. I pray for an end to violence.  I pray.  I pray. I pray for so many things.  My heart tells me that this is what our nation needs.

Painted this cuties nails today to improve my mood!  Such a sweet soul this one is.

To whoever exposed my son to this Don’t Drive my Truck song.  I don’t thank you.  I heard it 20 times today.  But…this man…does make me smile. 


This sweetness made me smile today as well.  The kids love Gigi’s new dog bed.  Cooper and Gigi snuggled for a long while today.  


I saw this and I think is summarizes best how many people feel.  So much going on and so many feelings.  




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