Corona Virus Quarantine Day #103: Awesome Sauce: July 1, 2020

First of all…how is it July 1st?  What?!?!  I’m not ready for July.  Crazy.

Today started with some unfortunate news…St. James, along with most of the Johnson County schools cancelled or postponed all indoor camps and activities until JoCo moves out of Phase 3.  The Governor’s new requirement to wear masks indoors made this necessary.  I am disappointed…really disappointed. BUT I refuse to believe that it won’t happen.  I am hopeful.  I have to be.

Aside from the bad news I will describe my day as “awesome sauce”.  Fiona used to use this term a lot and I like it.

I spent the whole day with our children playing sports and fishing.  The day started with basketball in the barn and two very tired boys…but they didn’t stay down for long because they proceeded to play a 45 minute tag game right afterwards.

If there is anything more classic than tag…I’m not sure what it is.  Tag never fails! 

From there we headed down to the new dock and fished.  A friend had brought us some worms…big, fat, juicy ones (as Fletcher described them) and in about 30 minutes they had already caught 6 fish.  They were pretty excited.

Thank the LORD for our nephew Logan when we are fishing.  This kid is a whiz.  He can fix all the fishing poles, has no trouble with the fat, juicy worms and he can get the fish off the line and back in the water.  He even let Fletcher “pet” every single fish they caught.  Those two are buddies.   

After lunch we went back to the barn and played volleyball while the boys played baseball outside.  Watching our boys teach Fletcher how to play is about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  They are so patient with him and he can be a tad bit challenging to teach sometimes.

img_9857-1  This kid.  Kills me!

Ellen wanted to do her “get strong” workout so we did that as well.  Wish I got a picture of that one.  She’s so determined.

Good LORD do I love to play sports and exercise.  I feel so much more at peace when I am moving around doing productive things.  I love to play volleyball with my kids.  I never push them to do it, it’s always on their terms.  If they ask, I will play.  Today they wanted to play a lot (I may pay for that tomorrow).  I’m so grateful for all of that time we have down at the barn and I made a conscious effort to do all the little things today with “great joy”.  It’s amazing how when you make a conscious effort to do that, how much more fun everything becomes…even mundane tasks like fixing kids lunch.

We and this cutie peppering!  Love it! 

Also we got to have a dance party in the barn so that always improves my mood.  Our kids collection of music is a bit random but that doesn’t bother me or stop me from dancing.  I love music so much it legitimately fuels my soul.  Fiona wants all “High School Musical” all the time, Finley gravitates to Imagine Dragons, Cooper loves him some Garth Brooks, Ellen wants to hear The Greatest Show songs or T Swift and Fletcher pretty much likes everything.  Either way…it was fun.


Somehow the boys played another full court 2 v 2 game in the barn.  I am not sure how they had any energy to do so…but it was fun to watch!


Sweaty and smelly but oh so cute!  Their feet appear to be gigantic in this photo for some reason. 

Logan and Fletcher building some kind of nest outside the barn.  Those two are always up to something.  Fiona with some of her dance moves to some HS Musical song we listened to 20 times. 

Then we did something totally unexpected.  Bryan and I have not gone to a restaurant in I can’t tell you how long.  At least 103 days.  For Father’s Day I promised him a date.  We kept pushing it off…never felt right, but today at 2:30 I said, what the heck I called and got a reservation for 4:30.  Lined up a babysitter and off we went.  It was incredible!  We went to Bristol (my personal favorite) and ate a glorious meal that someone else prepared and cleaned up.

There were a few changes like disposable menus, no salt or pepper shakers and all the employees had masks.  But other than that it felt, dare I say, almost normal.  It was so nice to have alone time and uninterrupted conversation.

So, while my day started with great disappointment…I put into practice what we have been telling our players all summer…”the great ones always adjust” and I adjusted, attacked my day with great joy and will go to bed with gratitude for a beautiful day with beautiful people.



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