Corona Virus Quarantine Day #102: With Great Joy: June 30, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #103: With Joy: June 30, 2020:

After news broke yesterday that we Kansan’s would all be required to wear masks in all public places I was broken down.  The mask thing doesn’t bother me. I’ve worn one this entire time. It just meant that we were back in Phase 3, with no timeline and for me…that meant more time without sports.

I had allowed myself to get hopeful that I’d see our girls in the gym next week and see how they’ve changed and developed and I’d be in my special and happy place…the gym.  Governor Kelly’s announcement meant that was all going away.

While none of that has been completely confirmed, I know it’s likely that is what is going to happen.

Bryan and I talked long into the night about it and he helped me see things in a different light.

While I dislike Covid strongly it has given me something I can never get back.  Time.  I eat every single meal with my favorite people.  I play sports with them most of the day.  I am still in a gym…just in a different way.  Bryan is still employed at an incredible organization that has been so good to our family, John Deere.  I am employed at a good and decent place that is trying to raise kind and caring people to go out into the world and change it.  We live in the country away from crowds.  We have a gym to play in…which is just silly. The kids love to fish and ride bikes and chase their dog. Our neighbors have farm animals we can visit.  Our kid have friends that make them happy.  They have family that loves them both in their home and outside of it.  We are incredibly fortunate.

If we don’t have school for another 6 months or sports continue to be cancelled…it’s a BIG deal and it will HURT like hell but it is NOT the end of the world.

So I made a decision (again) today that I would do all things with great joy.  Whether it be cook dinner, take the dog out, play volleyball in the barn, fish when it’s 110 degrees or read the same book for the 200th time.  All things will be done with great joy because I am blessed to be able to do them.  I have nothing to complain about, so I will do my best not to.

I am grateful I have a husband to hold me accountable and I am incredibly thankful for my family.

GOD is good and I pray that soon we will see an end to all this madness we see in our nation today.  Unity over division. Love over hate…always.


The oldest Dorsey grandson and the 2nd youngest.  Love these boys so much. It brought me great joy to see these two together.  Fletcher loves his cousins.  

No picture with this joy…but I was training volleyball players all morning.  Some of my own former players who are preparing to play professionally and some that will never play for me.  But nevertheless I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this.  I love this game so much and I love to teach it and play it and celebrate it.




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