Corona Virus Quarantine Day #101: Mandatory Masks: June 29, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #101: Masks: June 29, 2020:

Today Laura Kelly, the Governor of Kansas passed an order mandating that all people wear masks indoors as of July 3rd.  As of Monday 14,443 people have tested positive for the corona virus in Kansas.  However, there were 900 new cases over the weekend, including 6 deaths.  A total of 270 people have died in Kansas.

I have to tell you…I’m depressed.  This feels like a step backwards.  I was looking forward to steps forward in the coming months.  Camps, sports, school…ugh.  I have been wearing a mask when I got out, I have the entire time.  I don’t go anywhere indoors and not wear one but most people aren’t wearing them.

I’d venture to guess this is going to make a lot of people unhappy.  The Devil is hard at work in our world right now.  In my opinion we do not need more unhappy people right now.

I decided to ask the kids what they think about all of this because I am still navigating my own feelings.

I told them it has been 101 days.  Each person responded as follows:

Fletcher: 101 days is like 100 years.  That’s a long time.  I want to go to school and see Miss Megan and my friends.  I want to go to more parties with my classmates.  When this is over I want to kiss the goats at Deanna Rose, go to the zoo and swim for like 100 years (this kid exaggerates just a tad bit).

Ellen: It doesn’t feel like it’s been 101 days.  It’s been long, but not that bad.  I don’t like that I don’t get to see my friends and that I don’t get to go places.  I just want it to be over.  Sometimes it seems like it’s kind of over but it is not entirely over.  I want it to be totally done.  When things get back to normal I’d like to go to the zoo.  I miss seeing animals and doing normal things like that.

Fiona: It’s basically almost been a year.  I feel like it’s been 900 days.  It feels so long and it feels like I haven’t seen my friends in so long.  I want it to end real bad so I can go places.  I miss going places and school the most.  When this is over the first thing I want to do is go to Hawaii with all my friends.

Finley: 101 days…when is it going to stop?  I really wish it could stop so we could get out more and see more people.  I miss playing with friends at school and just going places when we want to.  The first thing I want to do when things are normal again is ugh, everything.  Just everything that we could do before.

Cooper: 101 Days is a long, long time.  That’s crazy.  I don’t like it.  I wish it could just end so we can do all the normal things we used to do like see people more often.  I miss a lot of things, like going to restaurants and stores.  Mom won’t let us go to stores or restaurants.  When this is over the first thing I want to do is everything I used to do.

So this about sums it up.  Everyone wants this to be over.  Including me.

I have to remain positive because I know our kids need that.  We set the tone for how they respond to uncertainty or crisis in their life.  I feel like I need time to process this new news and this step backward…but I will remain positive and hope for the best.


So I’m going to celebrate how good our kids are to each other.  This morning Cooper was helping Fletcher learn where to put each piece of silverware so he’d do it right and feel like he was helping.  Later tonight our neighbors stopped by with their new weiner dogs.  That gave us a few laughs too.  It’s the little things.  Right now all we can do is appreciate the little things.

Finally, the kids got to swim and play with a friend today.  They swam for hours and laughed and played and were normal kids in a normal world.  That was glorious.

Stay well my friends!



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