Corona Virus Quarantine Day #99: Friends and stuff! June 27, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #99: friends and stuff.  June 27, 2020

Finley Joe: The best part of my day was bike riding and playing down at the barn for like 4 hours.  I am excited that people got to come over tonight and we could play with friends.

Fiona Bell: The best part of my day was playing with Kendall.  We had so much fun.

Ellen Anne: The best part of my day was our long bike ride.  I am excited for Riley, Kendall and Peyton to come over.  We had so much fun!

Cooper Claerhout: The best part of my day was our bike ride and playing with friends we haven’t seen in a long time.

Fletcher Matthew: The best part of my day was burying the bird with Peyton.

Mommy’s notes:

We finally got some rain!  I won’t even complain that the rain landed Bryan on the couch with the 14-year-old dog and me in our bed with our 8-year-old daughter terrified of the storm…Just grateful we got rain!

The rain brought some cool weather with this morning and we were able to to go on a long bike ride.  It was glorious.  These slow times just to spend together have really been a lot of fun!  We even got a family picture when a nice family walked by and offered to take all of us in a photo.  Score!  I’m never in photos.


Gotta love a field of flowers.  That’s a must stop picture moment.

Our bike ride was amazing.  It was so cool out and it’s been so hot so we rode and rode and rode.  It was glorious!

Checking out the dam we built…Discussing the beauty of spider webs…Loving the trees covered in green leaves and my personal favorite Fletcher speeding past people on the path.  He really likes being in front!

After our bike ride we played at the house and I cooked for our friends who were coming over tonight.  It’s been so nice that we have been able to see friends more lately.

Amy and I played college volleyball together and our kids are all the same age so it’s always a good time when we get together…and as we discovered it has been WAAAAAYYYYY too long.

Pretty much all my pictures from our fun night with friends consist of these two.  Fletcher and Peyton.  They were total buds.  They are about 1.5 apart but Peyton is about a foot taller.  Maybe one day Fletcher, maybe one day!  

A poor bird died today after flying full speed into one of our windows and Fletcher really wanted to give him a proper burial.  Peyton helped him.  So sweet!  

Tucker came to visit too.  Oh man is this little boy cute.  3 lbs of fur.  Gigi was a fan…Tucker…not so much.  Gigi looked like a giant.


The world remains a confusing and uncertain place.  While there continues to be fear of the corona virus and what it means for schools and sports in the fall is unknown I refuse to believe that we won’t be in school or playing sports.  There also continues to be peaceful protests and not so peaceful riots all over the country regarding race relations.  These events create important discussions about issues that really need attending and hopefully some productive dialogue will come out of it all.

I can’t help but feel that the national news is hard to watch because you can watch one channel and think things sound pretty positive or at least hopeful then you flip to another station and the message is completely different.

I’m tired of the national news media using all that is going on in the world to spew their opinions at us. I miss the days (even though they were really before my time) of news just being news.  No opinion.  Just facts about what is going on in the world.  I’m unsure of why these people get paid so much money to confuse all of us about what is real and what is not.

Shout out to our local news teams who I feel do an awesome job telling us what is happening instead of giving us their opinions!  But while the national news media instills fear everywhere they turn I go out and choose to see humanity at it’s finest.

For example, today I watched a man help a very short elderly woman grab something off the top shelf at Walmart today.  I saw a young woman struggling to get her shopping cart into the corral and a teenage boy stopped to help her.  On our bike ride today everyone we passed was smiling and said good morning. A former student of mine is making face masks for our staff for the upcoming school year as a service project.  A colleague of mine gives away a book he wrote to teens for free about how to save/make money.

I believe there are good people in the world, there are way more good than bad and I believe that we will find a way to come out stronger, better and wiser than every before.  History has proven that when things get really ugly we always find a way out of the mess.

I have to remain hopeful that this is going to be the case this time too!  In the meantime, I will continue to watch for all the people out there doing the good work.  Those that are positive instead of negative, those that lend a helping hand, those that are trying to make a difference in their own homes and raise humans who are kind, caring and accepting and I will celebrate the hell out of them.




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