Corona Virus Quarantine Day #97: What’s up dock? June 25, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #97: What’s up dock? June 25, 2020:

So we have done so many projects in the house we felt the need to do one outside as well.  Our kids love to fish in our pond so it made sense for us to put a dock on the pond…right?

When Bryan suggested it I was game but a tad bit concerned when he said he’d put it together and in the pond by himself.  Not that I didn’t think he could do it but because it would require him to climb into the pond…something I for sure could not do!

Bryan has worked at night to get the dock ready and today he, his dad and his brother put that bad boy in.  They worked in record time with an audience no less.

Yes, that is Bryan waste deep in our pond.  Gross.  God bless a father in law and brother in law that can help with any project!  Uncle Brent made it into the pond too!

Lots of kids on that dock.  GOD help me if they convince me to let them swim in it.

Truck life!  The kids were excited to ride up from the pond in the back of Daddy’s truck! 

The kids are super excited about it and want to go swimming in it tomorrow.  Mommy’s not so sure about that one.  I’ll keep you posted.

I got to play a ton of volleyball today.  Ellen wanted to work on her skills and so did Cooper so we spent a lot of time in the barn together learning my most favorite game.

After the dock putting in experience my sister’s babysitter came over with the most giant slip and slide you have ever seen and the kids played out there for 2 hours.  It was a blast.


Biggest slip and slide ever.  The kids tried to surf down it!  

After all the dock building, slip and sliding and volleyball in the barn we had dinner with some friends.  Today felt…almost normal.  It was a day spent with my favorite people doing some of my favorite things.

Today was a perfect summer day and I am so glad we are able to do some normal things this summer.

Sadly they reported the corona virus cases went way up in Kansas today so I’m praying that we aren’t headed back towards quarantine.  But like everything with this virus we can’t know anything for sure.  Until we do, I will continue to pray, try to enjoy every moment and spend as much time as possible with my favorite people on Earth!






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