Corona Virus Quarantine Day #95: Brace Face: June 23, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #95: Brace Face: June 23, 2020:

Fiona got braces today.  She is our 4th child to have braces on her teeth.  Two children (Finley and Ellen) have already had them on and off at this point).  Cooper has them on already (and may for the foreseeable future) and Fiona got them put on today.

I would like to point out that they made braces easier and much cuter.  Either that…or our kids are tougher and cuter than I was.  Both plausible scenarios.  I can remember my orthodontist putting that horse shoe torture device to keep our mouths open wide in my mouth and walking away from my chair…for very long periods of time leaving that thing in my mouth.  I can remember the things he did hurting…a lot!

Our kids don’t even bat an eye.  They were all nervous going in but not one of them has ever had a hard time.  I’m grateful their experience is so much better than I remember mine being.  I dreaded going there.  Our kids are excited about it!  Also, they look so much cuter than I ever did in braces.

Also, they for sure didn’t put braces on kids this young when I had them.  They say it’s a better way than what we went through and so far I’d have to agree.

Fiona looks adorable in her braces, I feel like it makes her look at least 2 years older and I don’t care for that.  But man…she’s a cute brace face…but clearly I’m super biased.

She went with pink and green bands and I have to tell you they were popular in our house.  Fletcher kept telling me “I love it when she smiles, I just love to look at her braces, they are so cool.”  What?!  I never thought my braces were cool but they are pretty darn awesome in this house.  

Today the weather was perfect for the first time in forever.  We spent about 5 hours in the barn this morning and then the boys went to fish for a few hours, the girls and I played board games for a little while and then played outside.  Bryan worked and when he was finished he worked on our new dock for the pond.  I swear this man has worked on a home project every single day since quarantine started.  I’m grateful that he’s such a hard worker.  Our house is happy too!

When All American collegiate volleyball players are in your gym, you pepper with them.  Cooper was pumped.  What’s not pictured here (I wasn’t fast enough) is Fitz dunking on the other side of the court with Finley.  These kids are pretty lucky to have such amazing young women in their life!

As Bryan said the EOI (eat outside index) was a 12 tonight so instead of watching a movie tonight we lit a fire, had s’mores and played a family game of Trivial Pursuit.  I’m sad to say that the Gaga and kids team beat Bryan and I once again.  We lost on a question that involved musical instruments so it’s safe to say they had an advantage.


Messy faces and happy kids!  S’mores, fire and family game time!

The pictures and videos or our day tell the story better than I could!

Overall I am grateful for this extended summer we are having.  We have been together nonstop for 95 days.  While there are times I feel like I could use a minute alone…overall we have made the absolute most of our time.  The barn has been a huge blessing, our neighbors who have farm animals have been amazing and let the kids come by and feed the pig or dig in the manure pile for worms (yes, these are words I never thought I would say and an activity I never thought I would partake in…but alas, I dug in that poop pile today), and we have spent more time bonding then ever before.  While life has slowed down in a whole different way, I know in just a few weeks it is going to ramp up again.

I pray that we don’t take for granted this time ever and that when things are “normal” again we find time to do these same things together again.  As Finley pointed out today he only gets to live in our house for 8 more years before college (and yes that statement did make me throw up in my mouth a little bit).  So giveWe plan to make the most of it!

Fletcher loves to play on the play set. 

Found this one on my phone tonight.  Fletcher and I play this game on the swings often it was my creation to get him to work on his letters and their sounds because teaching this young man is a CHALLENGE.  He loves this game so it’s a win.  It was fun for me that Fiona took my phone and filmed it, a happy memory for me.

My little sous chef helping me make pumpkin bread today!  

Country life.  Moose loving on our neighbors animals! 

My little fishermen! 



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