Corona Virus Quarantine Day #94: Fun times: June 22, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #94: Fun times: June 22, 2020

Today was not the most eventful day in the universe.  I started my morning with our volleyball zoom workouts.  Even though we are working out together via the internet I really do enjoy these workouts.  I like feeling like there are people watching my form and holding me accountable.  Somehow, it makes the workout seem easier.  I guess I miss that about my competitive sport playing days.  That time together in the weight room is serious bonding time and I have many funny stories about being in the weight room at KU as a Jayhawk.  These zoom workouts are bringing back the memories.

After that I had Ellen’s classmates out for an open gym for volleyball.  While I cannot coach Ellen or Fiona’s teams at the grade school level as much as I’d like because of my own seasons schedule I love to help the girls get better and learn how to play the game.  It’s so much fun!


Fletcher stood on the driveway by the barn for 25 minutes waiting for his friends to arrive.  During my session with Ellen’s classmates, some of his classmates came over and he was so excited.  It was the sweetest!

In fact I spent the majority of my day in the gym which was a-ok with me.

Tonight I did something I haven’t done since I was a kid. I played video games.  The kids wanted me to try their new game, and at least I got a few laughs from them in the process.  I was bad.  Beyond bad.  Horrific.  But it was a total blast.

I apologize for the screaming but this was right before the one and only time I scored.

Tomorrow we will attack another day during these weird times and hopefully I can get as many laughs tomorrow as I did today.


My view for my walk tonight with the coneheaded crazy dog…Gigi Jingles.




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