Corona Virus Quarantine Day #93: Fathers Day: June 21, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #93: Fathers Day: June 21, 2020:

Today is a day about celebrating some pretty important people in our world…dad’s.  I was blessed to have a dad that is hard working, kind, supportive and the biggest fan of my sister and I.  He never missed a game and he worked to provide a life for us that was better than his own and about 1,000 percent better than our mom’s.  I am grateful for all the sacrifices he and our mom made to give us the chance to be everything we ever dreamed of being.

Today I am surrounded by “dad” figures in my life. From my own dad, to Bryan’s dad, to the kid’s uncles, to our kids friends dads.  Our own children are blessed to be surrounded by many male figures in their life that love them, guide them, root for them and would do anything for them.  It is the way every child should be able to grow up.  One day they will look back on their childhood and be so grateful for all the people they were surrounded by who love them so much.

I think it’s also important to note that I have many friends who no longer have their dad here with them.  I know this day is a sad one as it is a reminder of a very painful and real loss.  I have been praying for them today and hope they feel their dad’s watching over them with pride from Heaven.

The most important “dad” in my life now is my husband Bryan.  When I was a young girl I would day dream about the kind of man I would marry.  I’m pretty sure that is a common thing little girls do…but in that day dream, this man was always an amazing father.

Well, that dream came true and them some.  Bryan is the most patient person that I know.  He is so kind, so creative, so much fun and has the biggest heart.  He is also very wise.  He gives the very best advice and often talks me down when I am worried about things that ultimately aren’t important (he did this today in fact).

In our difficult journey to parenthood he was beside me the entire time when I was pretty sure all hope was lost.  With each loss he assured me all would be alright, he held me, he prayed with me.  Those prayers led to our pregnancy with the triplets.  When we found out we were having triplets he never allowed me to sense the real fear I know he had for the safety of our babies but also his real tangible fear for my safety as well.  He was strong and made me feel safe.

When each of our miracles arrived he never complained of being tired and always had time to help make baby food, do bath time, help potty train, read books, host dance parties and all while working all day on top of all the stuff he did around the house.

Now that the kids are older he does so many things for them and with them each day.  Whether he is kayaking, swimming, playing pickle ball or basketball he is always making time to play with our children…and he is fun.  So much fun!  He always makes time to play games and he is the best inventor of games I have ever seen.  Seriously, it’s a gift.

On top of being the best dad he is an amazing son, uncle, coach, son-in-law and friend to all people.  Anyone who truly knows him is better because of it and they know he is one of the best people in town.

I realize I am biased as I am married to the man but I know all that I have written to be true and like I said, those that know him best, know it as well.

Tonight I had the kids tell me their favorite thing about their dad and they couldn’t just tell me one thing…here were their responses.

Ellen: My favorite thing about my dad is that he works hard for us, he plays with us all the time and I really like his smile.  His smile makes me happy.

Fiona: My favorite thing about my daddy is that he is a hard worker, he is sweet, kind, funny and he’s the best dad in the world.  He is a dad that will always be in the #1 book.  He is a good helper of people too and he’s nice to kids.

Finley: My favorite thing about my dad is that he plays sports with us, he’s funny and he works hard for us.  Everyone likes my dad.

Cooper: My favorite thing about my dad is that he’s really kind to us, he’s a great dad, he plays sports with us all the time.  He does a lot of things for us because he loves us.  He is a really amazing dad.

Fletcher: My favorite thing about my daddy is that he goes swimming with us and he’s really funny.  He is a nice daddy and he’s awesome.  I love him!

I have to say…I feel the same way about Bryan.  There is no one thing that makes him so great.  He is so many things to so many people.  I am just really grateful and so blessed that I get to call him my husband and our kids get to call him dad.

Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there.  You are appreciated.

Some pictures from our day!

Cooper’s Daddy day card.  Our kids work so hard on their cards for each other it makes my heart happy!

The creativity of our Fiona Bell…”you are worth every penny and more!”  I love it!

Ellen and her amazing art skills are at it again.  

This card is ridiculous.  Finley Joe wrote his daddy a novel…he even recognized him for helping Gaga with her electronics.  I love how he pays attention and appreciates all that Daddy does for us!

We spent the day at Aunt Laura and Uncle Brent’s pool swimming with our cousins on this hot, hot day!

GiGi wants to go to the pool too!  Fletcher and Zeke being best buds!

Daddy is the master hair cutter, the best at tubing at the lake and the greatest basketball coach in the world.  Just a few of his many gifts to our family!




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