Corona Virus Quarantine Day #92: First Communion: June 20, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #92: First Communion Covid Style: June 20, 2020

I have to say this day was long awaited.  Fiona has been excited about her First Communion for a long time. It was originally supposed to happen in April but due to Covid it was cancelled.  That seems the norm now.

To be honest, I was surprised it actually happened this week.

To give details there were three masses for a total of 110+ communicants.  It seemed like their mass was loaded but I guess that was due in part to the fact that there were two families per pew and every other pew was empty.  Each child was able to bring 4 people.  So for our family…that meant no siblings, instead Fiona’s grandma’s joined us.

Everyone was required to wear a mask.  We weren’t supposed to sing, because you know…Covid. That was exceptionally sad because Fiona was supposed to be doing the responsorial psalm and she was really excited to sing in church. When that was happening at church we had a moment where we talked about how she would have crushed it…but, she obviously…didn’t get the chance.

Masks were required for all at First Communion.  The kids were able to take their mask off when the left the pew before receiving the Eucharist for the first time.  Parents could not do so.  They were asked to leave their mask on until receiving the Eucharist and then we could take off our mask and consume our host only to then immediately put our masks back on.

During the mass Father Pat asked the kids what they wanted to be when the grew up and the answers ranged from police officer, to geologists, to fire fighters, to fashion designers, to the president of the USA, to volleyball coaches (that was definitely Fiona Bell).  But Father Pat’s point was as important and cool as those jobs might be, there was nothing more important than receiving the Eucharist.  At bed time I think Fiona really understood that point.  She said, “Mommy, today was a big, big, day!”

I agree Fiona Bell, I agree!  She also noted that the host tasted like cardboard, not cake.

I have to say…it was weird not being able to take pictures up at the altar or with the priest or with their teachers but other than that it was as normal as things have been lately.

I will point out the kids were not able to receive the Blood of Christ for obvious reasons.  Fiona was disappointed.

Now…I am going to apologize for the copious amounts of pictures to follow!

It was a great day with my favorite humans.  GOD is good!

Ellen wanted to take pictures of these sweet girl as she got ready for her big day! 

This girl. Can I tell you that this human has more hair then any person I know other than myself.  Getting ready for this crazy day took a solid almost 2 hours. Holy smokes does it take a long time to do her hair. If I learned anything today it was when she gets married I will absolutely hire that work out!  

If you are in the market for a cake…Becky Whyte is your girl (text me for her number).  Her cakes are not only beautiful but they are reasonably priced and 100% delicious. I love her work so much and I really enjoy eating these insanely delicious cakes!  

This girl and her grandparents!  So sweet!

Our sweet girl and her Gaga!  I can’t handle the cuteness of this craziness!

Our sweet family.  Crazy but so great.  Fletcher insisted on the green on green outfit and I didn’t have the energy at that point to argue. I was so happy to have my sweet family loving each other in that moment.  The cards they wrote this sweet girl were absolutely precious.

I am 1,000 percent biased but this human is just beautiful…inside and out!  What a sweet little princess!

Fiona loved getting cool cards full of money and Grandpa loved all the Gigi attention!

These girls. They have been friends since preschool.  Today they received the Holy Eucharist together!  I am so proud of all of them. What an amazing moment!

While Fiona received her First Communion her siblings fished with their Aunt Jenny and Uncle Luke!  Cooper was beyond excited that he caught a catfish! 


Playing with friends and a social distance picture with her favorite teacher!

Fiona and moments with Mommy and Daddy.  Fletcher and his bestie…Zeke!  

This video doesn’t exist

Daddy gave Fletcher some iced tea but he had other things in mind.  Pray for me with this one…please!

This video doesn’t exist

Fiona’s siblings and cousins watching her receive the Eucharist via Facebook live.  Aunt Jenny said there was a huge eruption of excitement and even caught it on film!  A huge shout of to Aunt Jenny for coming over and taking a ton of the photos in this post.  

While today was beyond weird in many ways…but it was also beautiful. These kids have been excited to receive the Eucharist for a long time…it was awesome to have them actually do it today!

We will call it a win for all!  GOD bless!




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