Corona Virus Quarantine Day #91: Cone head and Game time: June 19, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #91: Cone heads and Game time: June 19, 2020:

Today was a fun day.  I started my day with 13 girls in our barn.  13 high level collegiate volleyball players.  6 of them were our players.  7 of them went to various local high schools.  Colleges they attend or attended include Stanford, KU, Creighton, Rockhurst, Belmont and Minnesota.  There were Collegiate National Champs and 3 AVCA Collegiate All American’s, HS Gatorade Player of the Years and multiple state champs.  It was crazy good volleyball.

I got to run an open gym with some really fun volleyball players with a lot of talent.  I was in my happy, happy place.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a gym with a full team of players and it was glorious.  All 5 of our kids came down to watch and it was super fun to see them get excited when their favorite SJA VB players did something good and watch them interact with the other players there.

Oh. My. Goodness. It. Was. Amazing.  I cannot wait to see a return to sport in a real and normal way.  I miss it so much. Today felt…normal.  And beautiful.  Until next time, I will relish this special moment.  Loved, loved, loved it!

So much goodness!

The boys were “calling” serves.  Tonight when I put Cooper to bed he was telling me how much he liked the KU setter who he called serves for.  She was such a good sport and made him feel like he was crushing it.  I should also mention I told her before she left that I would have this exact conversation with him tonight.  Turns out I was right!

On another note…our smallest child…Gigi got spaded today.  Oh man, this poor dog.  She came home with a cone the size of Virginia on her head and the kids cannot get enough of it.  She was so doped up on drugs she keeps walking into things with her giant cone head which of course makes everyone laugh.  I guess at least for the next few days she will be calmer than normal.


I can’t with this one.  She’s already cute but this cone head thing makes her even cuter!

Pre and post pictures.  The kids kept trying to give her kisses on her nose but they can’t get to her face beyond that ridiculous cone.


Never fails to find some kind of nature wherever he goes.

We are preparing for Fiona’s First Communion tomorrow.  She is so very excited about it.  I am uncertain she will fall asleep anytime soon.  I look forward to reporting on how a Covid Communion goes!

Stay well!



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