Corona Virus Quarantine Day #91: Firsts: June 18, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #90: Firsts: June 18, 2020

Today we had a few first during the new era of corona virus quarantine.

First, I should mention we had an orthodontist appointment as well as an eye appointment.  Cooper and Ellen had their contacts checked and Ellen’s glasses were in.  She was very excited to get those bad boys.  The contact wearing is going well but we still need Daddy’s help to get them in.  Both Cooper and Ellen can get them out by themselves so that’s improvement.  I was thrilled the doctor didn’t try to get them to take them out and put them back in.  That was too much for me last time.

From there we had to make a stop.  The first of it’s kind for any of our kids.  Costco.  We are completely out of fruit so we needed to make the run to my favorite place.  I can’t really explain how excited these two were to go to Costco.  They talked the whole way there about whether or not we would see Steven or Al (their other favorite Costco employee).  When we arrived and they put their masks on we headed in the door and I swear they were saying hello to people they passed because they were so excited to be there.  Ellen kept messing with her mask so I have to tell you if they require these bad boys for kids at school…that’s not going to be a good deal.  Holy moly I think they touched their face more because of the mask.

When we got to the check out line we saw Al first and Cooper about jumped out of his shorts.  Both of them were waving and Cooper just shouted out his name.  It was fun to see how happy Al was to see them too.  But the big moment was when we made eye contact with Steven.  Steven was so happy to see them. It seriously about made me cry…or did it?  Can’t remember.  Even behind his mask I could see how big he was smiling.  He walked right over to us and gave the kids a hug.  The poor kids weren’t sure what to do because…Covid.  No one knows if they should hug or hand shake or anything.  It was the sweetest moment.  Steven said to them “do not worry you believe in GOD and all good things will come to you.  Do not worry.” I wish I had gotten the whole thing on film because it was something special.  Whenever Fletcher gets to be reunited with Steven I’m going to need a film crew because that will be epic.

Ellen, Cooper and Steven chatted for a few minutes while he checked me out.  Cooper asked him if he had been anywhere since corona virus and Steven answered all the questions thrown at him in a very short period of time.  As we were leaving Steven said he can’t wait to see the whole family at Costco soon.  I hope so Steven, I hope so.  Who knew corona virus would make us get excited to be in a Costco spending hundreds of dollars on fruit.


It was shortly after this moment that Steven came over to hug them.  So sweet!

Another first today was it was our first visit to a semi public pool.  We went to a neighborhood pool with friends and it was my first gathering in a setting like that.  I thought I’d be way more tense about it than I was…maybe it was the company!  The kids swam like crazy people for nearly 3 hours and I got to have adult conversation.  It was glorious.  It was nice to see the kids play like nothing has changed.

Our final first today is I cut the girls hair.  Didn’t get pictures…that was my bad.  Fiona did bag her hair for her Uncle Brent because he’s always asking her for a curl.  So that’s beyond gross but also a little cute at the same time.  She’s planning on giving it to him at her First Communion.  I have learned I really don’t like the sound of scissors cutting hair…but that may have been my nerves that I was going to totally botch this hair cut.  I seriously just cut about 3 inches off the bottom straight across…not hard, but I didn’t enjoy it.  The girls were super excited and it was much needed.  Both had hair down to their bottoms.  Ellen’s has gotten so hard to brush I considered cutting it to her shoulders…but I’ll leave that kind of fancy to the professionals.

We will continue to have firsts as we ride this wave called Covid.  In my adult conversation today there was much talk about what school would look like and whether or not we’d have sports…I am still unsure of all of those things and that perhaps is the hardest part.  I know I’ve said it a million times…but the uncertainty. is. killing. me.  Still working on that patience with the uncertainty…it’s a slow process for me!

Tonight we wrote a family gratitude journal and here is what everyone had to say.  I apologize mine is long.

Mommy:  I feel so blessed to have spent some special time with two of our five kiddos (time with one or two of them isn’t that common, especially lately, so it’s nice to have that quality one on one time with them).  I was so happy to see my friend Steven and see the joy both he and the kids had on their faces to see each other.  I am blessed to have had adult conversation with friends in the sun and to watch our kids laugh and play with their friends.  I’m grateful for my husband, who is my best friend.  I’m grateful for our 5 children and their sweet personalities that make them who they are.  I’m grateful for my mom who I’ve always aspired to be like.  I’m grateful for my sister and her kids, 2 of my godsons.  I’m thankful for all of my nephews, who we love.  I’m grateful for volleyball.  I am grateful for our health.  GOD is good.

Fiona is thankful for her friends, her family, the barn, pools to swim in on a hot day and food to eat, my siblings, Gigi and Zoey too, also Gaga.

Fletcher: I am thankful for swimming and Jack taking care of me.  I am thankful for Zoey, Cutie pie and Gigi and Gaga.


Fletcher and his friend Jack swimming.  Jack was very sweet and didn’t let Fletcher get too far from him.  Fletcher is a big fan of his buddy!

Ellen: I am thankful for our house, our pets, our whole family, food, water and that we are healthy.

Finley: I am thankful for our house, our food, our barn to play in because we can’t go anywhere, that everyone in our family is healthy and they don’t have the corona virus.

Cooper: I am thankful that we are healthy, food, clothes, water, a house, that we have lots of things to do since we are stuck at home and about everything else.

Daddy is thankful for my wife, our family and our health.

Gaga is thankful for her family, especially my seven grandchildren.  I’m grateful for work for my hands and mind.  I’m grateful to be regaining my health and stamina and I’m grateful for my daughters.


Ellen with her new glasses on.  She picked turquoise…her favorite color!  They are pretty awesome!

Stay well!







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