Corona Virus Quarantine: What will change? June 17, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #90: Changes for good?!?!? June 17, 2020:

First of all, I am unsure of how it is already the middle of June.  In a normal summer I would have already had 3 volleyball camps and our kids would have been to numerous camps as well.

None of that has happened yet.

Today I ate “out” for the first time.  Fiona and Ellen had a 3-day soccer camp and afterwards they were meeting up at Freddy’s with a few friends.  A few things stood out to me and for history’s sake I want to document them.

First, there are no refills.  If you want a refill, you must get a second cup.  This surprised me but I guess in light of Covid it makes sense.  Secondly, they hand you a straw and a top to your cup in a small plastic bag.  That was a weird one.

There are no condiments.  Those creepy pumps that are filled with ketchup, that personally I always found to be vile, are no more.  If you want ketchup they give you individual packets.  If you want that crazy good seasoning they have, you must ask and they give you your own little cup of it.

Everyone working there had a mask on.

It was a little unnerving.  Also, I should state that I’ve been longing to eat in a restaurant for a very long time…but Freddy’s wasn’t my first choice.

However, regardless of the cuisine, it was fun to see our two sweet girls laughing with friends and having fun like normal.

Also, I got my hair cut today.  I was glorious as it’s been close to 5 months.  Yikes my hair was a mess.  So glad I could get that taken care of before Fiona’s First Communion.

I head to bed tonight thinking about how many of these changes would stick.  There have been a lot of changes since Covid hit.  The lack of ketchup dispensers and no refills is a very small part of the changes.

For example, I’m a hugger.  Covid has taken away my radar on who, when or if I should hug someone.  It’s now this awkward moment between old friends where no one knows what is appropriate…I wonder if that will change.  I hope so.

The same can be said of handshakes.  It’s common courtesy to shake hands with people you are just meeting…I’d have to assume that’s a long way off from happening again.

There are new protocols at hospitals, for instance, no visitors.  When I had to drop my mom off at the hospital and leave her there unsure of when I’d see her again, it was torture…is that the new norm?  I hope not.

A lot more people are working from home.  A trend, I personally hope remains…at least for our family.

I am unsure of all that will change.  I am unsure of when things will go back to normal or if they ever will.

I will have to continue to wonder what has changed that will remain and what will return to normal.

What do you think?







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