Corona Virus Quarantine Day #89: Simple Things: June 16, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #89: The Simple Things: June 16, 2020:

The more and more days that pass during these strange and difficult times the more I appreciate the simple things.  The same is true for our kids.

This morning we all marveled at a baby deer and her mommy galloping across our property.


This baby deer looked like it had just been born.  She was so stinking sweet jumping after her mommy.

The girls have been able to attend a soccer camp this week.  Fiona has been there with a few of her school friends.  The pure joy she has when she gets to see their sweet faces makes me so happy.


The long, hot walk to the field.  Love that the girls got to be out on a field “social distancing” but playing soccer.

The boys got to have a play date today with some of their friends at a pool.  On our way there, they were so excited and talked with excitement about what they would do.  On the way home they recalled every moment of their time with their buddies.  It’s easy to forget they are little kids and things like school being cancelled and play dates being cancelled for 3 months can really take their toll on them.  It was nice for them to feel normal again.


The kids got to see two of our former players today and I got to work with them in our barn.  All of us were happy.


Being in the barn working on the sport I love the most, with people I love…makes me feel normal and makes me so, so happy!

I got to chat with a friend today…in person (at the soccer fields)…a good feeling.

I caught Fletcher on film loving on our puppy.  The innocence of that just kills me.

Also, he wants to be just like his big brothers.  He wears their clothes and now wants to play basketball all the time.  The boys often work with him on his skills and he listens to them intently.

Shorts that are 6 sizes too big.  I cannot with this kid. 

He was working on his “lay pups”.  That’s what he calls them.  Love.

Ellen and I played pickle ball together in the barn.  This girl works hard at everything she does.  Love her so much.  Then her brothers joined and they played for a long time.


Love how these kiddos like to play together.  The simple things.  The best.

She’s a pain in the rear…but at least she’s a cute pain in the rear.

Many things of the past life pre-covid are going to be possibly forever changed…but the simple things will always be the best.



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