Corona Virus Quarantine Day #85: Friyay! June 12, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #85: Friyay!  June 12, 2020:

First of all, happy birthday to my sister Jennifer.  While she is spending the majority of it at a ball park sweating her face off…we will celebrate her as a family tomorrow.

Today was a largely uneventful day and to be honest I’m beat so it’s going to be short and sweet today.

We were up early with the dog and I had a weights session with the girls of SJA and a leadership session.  Today we discussed the events that are going on in our country and it was very interesting, moving and inspiring to listen to these teenagers ranging from 14-17 years old talk about how they view what they see happening in the world right now, how it makes them feel and what they can do to be part of a positive change.  I will be brief, but I will say only this…my generation and those older than me are often hard on this generation of young people…Generation Z.  After this conversation today I am sure that our country is in good hands.  These are smart, insightful, caring and compassionate young people that are deeper than most realize.  It was pretty awesome to discuss the current events in our nation and to know that they care and want to be part of a positive change.

After this the kids and I did homework this morning to stay on top of our school work while we waited for Daddy to finish a meeting so we could go on a bike ride in between his meetings.  The kids love these bike rides and quite frankly, so do we.  It’s a beautiful time together and we never fail to see all sorts of nature.

It was another scorcher today so we drove back down to Aunt Laura’s house (thank you Aunt Laura) to swim.  Apparently the heat or the pool or both knocked us all out because we were all falling asleep in our movie tonight. Even our 14-year-old nephew who is spending the night went to bed early.

I am headed there now.

Excited for a birthday celebration tomorrow a pickle ball tourney with our kids and our nephew.


If this isn’t the sign of the times…when Fletcher was playing Toy Story today he put a Covid mask on Lotso Hugging Bear.



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