Corona Virus Quarantine Day #84: Back to the grind: June 11, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #84: Back to the grind: June 11, 2020:

Today was a busy and interesting day.  The day started with a very early orthodontist appointment.  The orthodontist said that because of all the time that they had to be closed that they had to reschedule 2,500 appointments, so I guess we are lucky they even got 4 of our 5 kids in at one time!

So far, Finley and Ellen (10) have both had braces and have already gotten them off but will need a second set when all their adult teeth are in.  Cooper (10) currently has braces and a palate expander.  Fiona (8) is getting braces and a palate expander on in two weeks and Fletcher (5) asked me 10 times today when he was getting his braces.

So our orthodontic bill is out of this world.  I am grateful we have the ability to give our kids straight and perfect teeth, truly I am…but hot damn, five kids in braces…twice…it’s pricey!

From there we drove back home for a few hours only to return again to go to the eye doctor.  Cooper and Ellen need glasses and both insist on wearing contacts.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I do not like to put things in or near my eye.  I don’t wear mascara, the thought of it makes me feel sick.  In fact, I once passed out when someone attempted to apply eye makeup to my eyes.  And yes, I know this is weird however fear of things such as touching your eye lashes is an actual phobia.

Nevertheless, I went with them to the eye doctor and watched them stick their fingers in their eyes for like 60 minutes and cry..repeatedly…because they could not get them in or out of their eye.  The only thing that would have made this experience more like torture to me is if someone said the world “moist” repeatedly.  Never again.  Next time Bryan will go to this fun adventure.

We also need glasses…both of them wanted blue frames.  It’s not easy to find glasses that work on these small little faces.

Cooper got his contacts in first.  When they got home Finley tested their new eyesight from a distance! (If you are anything like me you just started singing that Bette Midler song…I did for sure!)

From there I drove the kids home and turned back to drive to the dentist to get my root canal finished.  Again, to those who know me best, tooth pain and dental work is the only kind of pain that really gives me anxiety.  Like high levels of it. I really don’t understand how dentists do their job all day.  Aside from the fact that they put their hands in other people’s mouths…the noises…all the noises.  That drill noise, the suction noise, the water noise…all not ok for me.  I would lose my mind.  So mad respect for the dentists in the world that can stomach all of these things that I most certainly cannot!

When I returned home I had one of many conversations about the return of sports.  These conversations are often upsetting, confusing, and add to the fear that coaches and athletes all across the country have that we will not return to sports in the fall.

I have to say I’ve been in many interesting conversations over the last few months about this and the dialogue changes almost daily.

I am still hopeful that we will be on the court and in the fields in the fall…but let’s continue to pray that there is an end in sight to Covid-19.

So after this day I’m ready for bed. I’m ready for everything in our world to be normal. I know we are a long way away from that being a reality but tonight…that’s my honest feeling on all of it. So today, tomorrow and everyday forward…I will pray for our nation and hope for the best.

Fletcher and I went for an early walk this morning with Gigi who ran over to see the neighbors animals.  Fletcher had moment with his “aunt” Paisley the pig and pointed out a lone cloud in the sky.  Upon doing that he asked me if I thought the cloud was “lonely.”  Only 5 year-old I know who would be concerned about this.





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