Corona Virus Quarantine Day #81: Speak…people listen. June 8, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #81: June 8, 2020:

Today was a long day.  I didn’t sleep too well, I was certain I heard someone walking around and that Fletcher was trying to scare me again.  Thankfully I was wrong.  All were sleeping peacefully in their beds…however at this point, I was most definitely no longer sleeping peacefully.

When I woke up my whole body felt as if I had been hit by a large bus or maybe even a small train.  My central nervous system was rocked yesterday and I felt it today.

In fact, everyone in our house felt it.  Finley felt ill all day.  The other kids were slow and sluggish, unusual for this household.  We went about our day and did our normal activities but everyone was a step slower today.  We all know why.

Fletcher Matthew Dorsey.

Fletcher has taken some of his consequences very well today.  We got one apology note written today and hope to finish the rest tomorrow.  While the other kids ate treats, he had none.  When we went down to watch a family movie he had to stay up and color or read.  No tears.  No fuss.

Thank GOD for that!

These punishments will continue through the week and each day we are going to have a chat about why he isn’t able to have a treat or watch anything on the TV.  Hopefully it will sink in because that is definitely an experience I don’t want to relive.

On a happy side note, we got some exciting mail today.  Each kid got a postcard from one of my former students and a handmade rosary.

I also got a note. I want to share it here because if you are anything like me you wonder sometimes if you are getting through to people. People we work with, people we love, people we are raising or really just any people we come in contact with on a regular basis!  Of course when we think logically, we know we are, however, few people actually tell you and even fewer write their thoughts down for you to hear.

I hope to raise kids who will write notes like the one I got in the mail from a former student.

Here is what it said:

Dear Mrs. Dorsey,

Hello!  I hope you and your family are doing well.  I just finished up my first year at KU and working for the women’s basketball team. Wow, I love it!  A LOT different from high school but so fun!  I love keeping up with all your adventures on your daily blog posts.  You are truly incredible and have an awesome and amazing family.  I still think about your life lessons you gave us sophomore year.  I always pray when ambulances go by and definitely wear sunscreen.  One of my favorites, however, is being a frequent patron of sidewalk lemonade stands.  Last fall, on my way to a football game, my friends and I passed a stand, at which I bought a cup much over retail value.  I told my friends your philosophy, how one day it could be my kids.  My friend Alex brought it up a couple of months later and told me how much that idea struck him.  So thank you for having such an impact on me and everyone I know.

Sincerely, Emma Grob-French


This girl is 19 years old.  She took the time to not only hand write me this letter (another one of my life lessons) but she wrote every single one of my kids a letter too.  In each letter she included something about what they like, which she learned from the blog or from me directly all those years ago in class.  She made each of them a rosary because “I know the rosary is very important to your family.”

My favorite part was that she asked each one of our children to pray for someone different that was important to her.  What an incredible idea!  All 5 of our kids will pray that rosary for all those intentions she put on those postcards.  So she not only brightened our day but guaranteed that people she loves get some extra prayers from people who don’t even know them.


This is a young woman that listens, absorbs what she hears and sees and works to be her best self always.  When I had her in class at the age of 15 she was the same way.  She always asked great questions, smiled at me and said hello and goodbye each time she entered and exited my room.  At the end of the semester she left me a present.  I had mentioned once in class that I love the Ghirardelli caramel chocolate candies.  She heard that.  She then filled up a Tervis cup (my favorite brand) with those chocolates and left it on my desk with a note.  I still have the note and the cup.  The chocolates…not so much!

I would have never forgotten this young woman even if she had not sent these notes and these rosaries but now she is forever engrained in my brain.

So I guess my point is, we never know who is really listening but we must trust that what we are saying is sticking, especially when we say things that really matter.  Whether it be to our own kids or to kids we coach, kids we teach or people we work with…when we say what matters, people listen.  So maybe even more importantly…given the state of the world we are living in right now, say and do what matters…because the people around you are most definitely listening.

A huge thank you to Emma for making our day!  Fiona has already used the rosary to pray for her baby brother.  I plan to use mine tonight to pray in thanksgiving for this young woman.


Emma even offered to make us more rosaries…because 8 wasn’t enough.  So incredibly sweet.  Truly a gesture I will never forget!

GOD is good!




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