Corona Virus Quarantine Day #79: Family Fun! June 6, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day: Day #79: June 6, 2020:

Guest writer today is none other than Fletcher Matthew Dorsey!

Today was awesome.  I made like 1,000 presents for Dax and we got to play at their house.  I got to see my best friend Zeke and I learned how to ride a skateboard.  I am going to ask Santa for a skateboard.  I told him today since he’s always watching me.  We are going to swim in Aunt Laura’s pool tomorrow and I’ll get to see Zeke there too!  The lake was amazing and awesome.  I swam a lot without my swimmie.  The pool made my foots bleed cause I swam so much.  We got to make s’mores there and rode on a huge boat.  Tubing on the boat was my favorite part.  We also got to eat popsicles there.  That was awesome. Hunter and Logan were there and Quincy, Archie, Nolan and August.  They are my friends too.  I am thankful for Gaga and Gigi.

Love, Fletcher!

Mom’s thoughts:

Vacation hangover has fully commenced!  We had a family party today for our nephew’s First Communion and it was so damn hot and humid so we didn’t spend a lot of time outside this morning before the party in preparation for being outside in the afternoon.

No one, including myself, was moving too terribly fast.  The kids crafted presents for Dax and they all were very sweet and thoughtful.  It amazes me how much they enjoy crafting and making cards.  It is something I also love so I am hopeful that this is a passion they never lose.

Our kids are so blessed to live so close to and be so close in age to their cousins.  We just left a trip with their cousins on my side and the very next day we got to see all our cousins on the Dorsey side.

They played capture the flag in the yard and had a blast despite the heat.

Family is and always has been so incredibly important to Bryan and I.  We are so grateful our kids get to grow up around family that will help strengthen who they are and who they become.

Some highlights from the day below!


These KIVA blocks can provide hours of entertainment.  Anyone who has ever gotten a note from me or been in my class knows I cannot have a double “o” and NOT put a smiley face in it.  It’s a disease.  So when Cooper did this with the blocks it warmed my heart!

Dax was so sweet to pretend that all of the “treasures” Fletcher put in his present were awesome.  Some of the treasures included good things like candy and treats but it also included half used stickers and pieces of paper cut up.  Good stuff.  Fletcher was very excited to give it to him.  

Seriously, such a sweet soul to act like these gifts were amazing…totally made Fletcher’s day!


Fiona worked all morning to make Dax a pinata.  She was very excited about it! It was filled with our old Easter candy and other goodies she put inside.  Fiona and Dax are the same age and Fiona will have her First Communion in 2 weeks!

Apparently Dax is too strong!  He crushed this pinata apart in one square punch!  

This crazy cat was outside by himself riding Uncle Kevin’s skateboard when we came out front.  He said “Santa has to bring him one because I’m awesome at it.”  Such modesty this one.  He looks like he belongs on a beach with his surfer dude hair right now!

I’ll give him this…the kids got amazing balance.  

Fletcher decided tonight while watching Cool Runnings that he wanted to get “very strong” so he asked his brothers to show him how to work out.  The results were hilarious!

His push ups need some work!

Triceps dips.  Didn’t get the squats on video but those were actually good!  When we got upstairs he walked into the boys room and said “that was a hard workout guys.”  I can’t with this kid.  The only way I got him to go to bed and not work out more was to remind him he was going to get to swim tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s another good day to spend time with family.



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