Corona Virus Quarantine Day #75-78: Impromptu Vacay: June 2nd-June 5th 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #75-78: June 2-June 5, 2020

When I started writing this blog it was because we are living history right now with the unprecedented country shut down and stay at home order.  The history teacher in me couldn’t let an opportunity pass me by to catalogue what was happening in our country and the impact it had on our family.  Also, I love to write and when I’m stressed (which corona virus quarantine can do to a person) it is a release for me.

A huge part of me knows that in 20 years there may be 20 new “things” and we may look back on this time and not really remember how we spent it.  So it made sense to me to keep this journal and load it with images and videos so could vividly relive the good and bad moments of this quarantine.

With that being said…more history has happened during this time.  Unfortunately, really ugly history.  When George Floyd, a black man was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis it sparked a nation wide debate about the rights of people of color and problems with racism in America.

It also sparked protests.  Many of them peaceful, though the news media didn’t report about the peaceful protests very much.  Instead we saw the not so peaceful ones, the riots and the destruction of businesses all over our country.

The murder of George Floyd opened up some serious wounds our nations has poorly bandaged up for a very long time.  As a history teacher and coach, a mom and overall just a genuinely concerned person I want to be a part of the solution like the vast majority of people I know.  When I teach about slavery or the civil rights movement in my classroom, even after 20 years of teaching it and close to that many years of learning about it I still cringe when I tell me students what it was like to be black in the United States in the 1860s or the 1960s for that matter.  While I myself am obviously not black and can never really understand it or properly explain it, just the education I have on it is enough to make my stomach turn.  It never feels any less disgusting when one more year or class passes.  I have read a lot about these moments in history because I know as a white person I do not have the perspective or insight that a black person teaching this same history would. I want to be as educated as I can and teach our students from an emotional perspective because in my experience that is what has a lasting impact.

So when George Floyd’s death sparked this nation wide discussion, these protests and sadly, these riots, it seemed unimportant to post about pulling a tick off my sons testicles or swimming in the river.

To be honest, it still does.  However, while this disgusting part of history has reared it’s ugly head once again, I am hopeful that this time…we, as a nation will make positive changes and that maybe one day instead arming ourselves with violence or hate we will use understanding and compassion.

As a person raising young human beings it is our responsibility to do better and I intend to do so.

So I took a few days off to reflect on what was going on and to literally take a break from what has been our life for the past 75 days.

We needed a change of scenery.  My sister and I had been chatting about going to the lake for weeks.  We’d search VRBO when we were together but it was always just that…discussion.

Monday morning a property came available in the Ozarks with a private pool and a boat rental option.  Jennifer was 100% in and convinced me we had to do it.  Corona virus has cancelled most activities for our kids so we didn’t really have much to miss out on here so why the heck not.  Jennifer called another family from our parish and the kids friend to see if they’d join us.  They decided they were also in.

I will say here…we are privileged.  We are fortunate.  Many cannot do this on a whim. I’m grateful we can.  Our kids understand this was not “normal” and know how blessed they are.

This type of behavior is extremely out of character for us as I am a planner, a saver and this gave me less than like 12 hours to pack and prepare to leave town.  EEK!

But these are HIGH class problems. We got this!

So pack we did and the next day we hit the road to the Lake of the Ozarks!

When we arrived at the house there was a lot of “oohs” and “aahs” and “this is the nicest house ever” and “thank you mom and dad”.

This was just the change of scenery we needed.  The kids swam in the pool, jumped off the dock, kayaked in the lake, knocked each other off of the Lilly Pad and tubed on the boat for 2.5 days straight.

We could not have asked for better weather.  It was 90 degrees each day and the lake was mostly deserted…which was amazing.  The first day we took the boat out we saw very few boats and we had the run of the water.  It was glorious.

We ate, swam, kayaked, boated, tubed, played pool and laughed a lot each day.

There were 11 kids and 6 adults in this house.  All the kids were under the age of 10.  We had four 10 year olds, one 8 year old, two 7 year olds, two 5 year olds and a 2 year old in all.  Three girls and 8 boys.  With this dynamic you’d expect some drama…there was none.  The kids had a blast together and made memories that I know the Dorsey children will talk about for years to come.

I am so glad my sister pushed me to do this.  I was super hesitant.  It was the best money I’ve spent in a very long time.  We got to spend quality time with our family and made memories with friends.  We took a break from the news, the corona virus quarantine and still lived a very isolated life while on “vacation”.  It confirmed for me what I have always known but sometimes forget…experiences are the best gift we can give our kids.  Our kids are blessed to be able to have these kind of experiences.

I also got to see some dear friends that live at the lake and that I haven’t been able to see in a very long time.  We got to sit on the deck and reminisce, catch up and laugh.  It did my soul so well.

We are back home now and everyone is very tired.  As I sit here writing this update the kids are all sitting at the kitchen counter writing in their journals.  They wanted to update their summer journal about their awesome trip and I have to tell you that made my mom heart so happy.

When we got in the car to leave the house today to come home they all thanked us for taking them and told us it was the most awesome trip.

My heart is full.

We are so blessed that we are able to plan a trip in less than 24 hours and execute it.  We are so blessed that we have family and friends to travel with that make the experience enjoyable.

I know that we return to the same world we were living in before.  A world with social distancing and racism but I return with a fuller heart and fully prepared to tackle those issues at home, in my classroom and hopefully in our community.

GOD bless!  Stay well!

I will apologize in advance for the insane amount of pictures that will be in this post!

Morning #1 Aunt Jenny got donut decorating kits.  Those were a hit and the kids loved them!

The pool table was a huge hit.  The kids has several “tournaments” and Mr. Greg (mommy’s friend) taught Fiona how to properly hit the pool ball! 

Finley Joe is in his happy place at the lake.  He loves to kayak and swim in the lake and especially loves to tube.  He said “mom, I like the lake better than the mountains, I wish we didn’t have to leave.”  I think this kid would sleep in the lake if it was possible. It’s incredible how happy he is doing all the lake activities.  He’s a pretty chill kid on a normal basis but he’s in his element at the lake!

Cooper and his twin brother are very similar in their thinking…Cooper said the same thing to me about the lake!  I think he could tube all day!  Cooper has an amazing ability to hang on to that tube.  It’s uncanny.  But he’s so skinny his life vest kept riding up on him so he looked like a turtle inside their shell.  He loved all things cation and was so good to the littles on the trip.  He said his favorite part was tubing. 

Lots of meals together…more chips were consumed on this trip by all parties present then I have eaten in my entire life.  It was outrageous but it’s vacation right?

The fire pit…for s’more making of course…but also for late night adult conversation and a glass of wine!  

The boat…a GOD send.  It was so hot and when the kids were tubing it felt breezy!  Every single one of the kids loved the boat time.  The adults did too!

Tubing…everyone’s favorite…at least in this house.  Bryan got to go on with the littles.  I’m not a huge fan of tubing.  GOD bless him.  Uncle Luke drove the boat like a boss!  

Video.  I have so many I couldn’t post them all. These were a few highlights.  Very impressed by how the kids could hold on.  There is nothing to any of these small humans but they held on for dear life.  It was awesome! 

Action shots!  After one run where it was just Finley and Cooper they got back on the boat and high-fived each other saying “good job”.  It was so sweet.  A moment I don’t want to forget. They were proud of each other for staying on the tube. 

This girl.  Ellen Anne.  The thrill seeker. The one who never complains about almost always being one of two girls in the bunch.  Every time she went tubing yelled “faster…go faster”.   She also really liked having the role of holding the flag when someone was kicked off the tube.  Despite the dozens of reapplication of sunscreen she still managed to get a random sunburn on her legs.  Ugh.  The struggles of being fair skinned!  The picture of her snuggling her brother is too much for me.

This one…Fiona Bell.  The caretaker of all the little ones.  She loves the water just as much as anyone else, enjoyed tubing (though doesn’t scream for it to be faster like her big sister).  Someone I think Ellen helps make Fiona more adventurous.  The littlest of the littles was a big Fiona fan.  

This guy.  Fletcher Matthew.  Loves the water more than any kid I’ve ever known…in particular the pool.  He loves the pool so much.  He refused to wear his swimmy and proved he can swim like a boss.  He enjoyed all the special treats he got because it was “cation” and knows now that we are home that is over! The other 5 year old, Quincy and Fletcher were buds on this trip.  She said to him at one point in the pool, “Fletcher you know you are my best friend.”  To which he replied “I know!” and they both smiled and kept swimming.  So sweet and innocent.  Fletcher said his favorite part of cation was tubing…but somehow I think it was swimming in the pool!  He also wanted to leave with some tokens of his trip (like a very annoying bedside table clock and chalk for the pool table).  We had to explain to him that this was stealing…he is a collector of crap so this stuff seemed like a good addition to his collection.  Thankfully all was put back where it came from!  

I’m grateful for siblings that really get along, like and respect each other.  These experiences will hopefully cement their bond even more.

The pool was a glorious blessing.  We went back and forth from the pool to the lake all day long.

The lake.  Aside from boating, we spent hours kayaking, jumping on that lilly pad thing and swimming.  It’s awesome to watch kids grow in confidence by doing things they’ve not done ever or often.  

Group shots!  So many to choose from!  


This video doesn’t exist

Movie snuggles and a happy birthday to 10 year old Nolan!

Not sure how I didn’t get a picture with my friends Greg and Elaine but at least a few kids did.  We visited them at the lake 2 years ago and the kids still talk about it.  I miss seeing them everyday at St. James as they were “my people.”  I can still remember telling them in the spirit shop about the triplets.  Our kids adore them and Fiona and Elainey have become pen pals during the corona virus.  So much love for them and I’m so glad they took the time to come see us.

A common complaint of mine is that I am never in any pictures.  Like ever.  I am always the one taking them…a common mom problem I know.  I’m glad I made a few of them this time around.  Wish I had got one with Greg and Elaine and my hubby but I’ll take what I got!  


The whole crew!

What a beautiful and surprising blessing this trip was.

Stay well!



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  1. nsimpsonia says:

    These pictures say it all!! Your family is a wonderful example of what I hope will happen at Eagle Haven: FUN! And making memories that they’ll remember forever! Hope to see you again.


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