Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #73: One Fish, Two Fish: May 31, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #73: One Fish, Two Fish: May 31, 2020

My guest writer tonight is none other than the catfish catching, cutie pie Cooper Claerhout!

Today was awesome.  Logan came over this morning and we made a plan to trap animals.  We got some kale and used a bucket to make a trap.  We want to find animals and then sell them to the zoo to make money.  It’s so cool.  We will see tomorrow if we catch anything.  After that we went on a worm hunt so we could go fishing. Fletcher loves to hunt for worms.  We also found a dead frog and a bunch of snails.  Logan wanted to use the frog to fish.  It was gross!  Uncle Luke came over and fixed all our fishing poles and we spent a really long time down there fishing.  I caught a catfish!  It was amazing.  I wanted to keep it so we could eat it, but Uncle Luke said it wasn’t big enough.  Fletcher caught two fish.  One of them was bleeding, I think it might have died.  Ellen did not want us to keep any of the fish.  She wanted them all to be thrown back.  Ellen caught a fish too, Finley caught two and Logan caught two also.  It was so fun.  I want to go fishing again tomorrow.  Mom made salmon for dinner.  It was so good.  Then we watched Jumanji in the basement on the new movie screen.  Daddy said that we have to get something to cover our windows and then it will be even cooler.  I’m really tired tonight and I’m excited for tomorrow.  I really want corona virus to be over.  I wish we could go into stores and restaurants and mostly I want to see my friends.  I miss doing things like that.  Tonight I am thankful for my cousins and my family and the pond.

Love, Cooper

The last day of this month!  How did this happen?

So totally insane.

We spent the entire day outside…again.  It’s pretty much groundhog’s day up in here!

The kids were tired from the weekends activities but they pushed through to make another fun day in the sun.

The kids went on a worm hunt and found not only worms but also a dead toad (gross) to fish with.

We went down to the pond and fished for like 3 hours.  Cooper caught a catfish, which was everyone’s goal, and my goodness were the kids excited for him!  It was so fun to watch.

This video doesn’t exist

Joy…pure joy!

Ellen caught a fish, Finley caught two and even Fletcher caught a few (he was quite proud)!

So much fun.  When we bought this land I had no idea the pond out back would provide us with hours and hours of entertainment and so much joy!  

At one side of the pond we have this cluster of trees…which to me looks like a snake pit.  But the kids had a lot of luck fishing in there.  They call it the Realm of Monsters and they were quite proud of themselves.  It was super fun to watch them get so much joy from such a simple pleasure.

These two…they have a love affair.  Maybe if Gaga put him to bed tonight there wouldn’t have been so. much. screaming.

The night was capped off with a little movie in the new movie room. Even though we have a few more steps to make it complete it was cool to sit there together as a family.

Fletcher was a gem tonight. Screamed for a solid hour, threw stuff at us, mostly Bryan and then just stopped all of a sudden and looked at Bryan who asked “are you done?” and he replied “yes, I’m sorry, I love you.  Can you send mommy to see me?”

What?! Oh that little man.  He’s so full of joy and so much fun to be around but when he has one of these moments.  LORD help us!

Saying a lot of prayers these nights about our nation.  Prayers for peace.  Prayers for love.  Prayers for tolerance.  Prayers.  A lot of prayers.

Stay well my friends, stay well.





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