Corona Virus Quarantine Day #72: Cousins: May 30, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #72: Cousins!  May 30, 2020:

As a kid I have some very fond memories of my cousins.  But…most of those start in my teenage years.  I was the youngest by a lot on both sides of my family.  So when I was little my cousins were always carrying me around or babysitting me…not really my peers.

I always longed for that relationship I now see my own kids developing with their cousins and I’m so happy for them.  It’s so incredibly special.  Once I became older and more of an “equal” to my cousins I developed a very close bond and I love them so much…but I never had the play in the dirt, run around late at night chasing each other kind of bond our kids have with their cousins.

My sister, Jennifer and her husband Luke have 2 kids.  Hunter is the same age as the triplets (10) and Logan is about 6 months younger than Fiona (8).  On Bryan’s side we have 7 nephews.  Jimmy (almost 16), Willie (14) and Petey (11), all Bryan’s brother Brent and sister in law Laura’s kids and Liam (almost 11), Dax (8), Jonah (almost 7) and Zeke (4) Jill (Bryan’s sister) and our brother in law Kevin’s kids.

Our kids have the very best time with their cousins.  It’s incredible.  We are so blessed to have so many kids so close in age that can grow up together and have each other’s backs.  It is my sincerest dream that they will remain close their entire lives.

Today, Uncle Kevin came over to help Bryan set up our home entertainment system.  They worked for close to 5 hours.  It was crazy.  First, I will point out the Kevin gave up a Saturday afternoon to help us which is pretty cool…that’s family for you!  But secondly, he brought Jonah and Zeke along and I’m not sure Fletcher could have been more excited. He tells me often that Zeke is his best friend.

Kevin tells me that Zeke spoke of Fletcher as his “best” friend on his way over too.  My heart can’t handle that cuteness.

Fletcher hugged Zeke so tight when he saw him today…it was pretty sweet.  They played with Fletcher’s adventure kit and battled the big kids together.  So awesome! 

Cousins should be your first best friends.  That’s the coolest and it makes me so damn happy I can’t even quite put it into words!

The kids ran outside, played inside, rode bikes, chased the dog and stayed busy for 5 hours playing with their two cousins.  Meanwhile, Fiona spent that previous 30 + hours at Grandma Dixie and Grandpa Jim’s house. Making pineapple upside down cake, swimming in her uncle’s pool and spending time with her cousin Petey.  She came home and wanted to tell me all the stories about her special time with her grandparents and her cousin.

It was so nice to hear how happy this made her.  Cousins.  Our first best friends.

Some of Fiona’s special time at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  When you have 5 kids so close in age it’s hard to give them alone time…special time that’s just about them.  So I know how important this time for Fiona was.  She was pretty happy…and pretty tired when she got home! 

Then tonight, my sister, Uncle Luke and their two boys came over and the kids ran in the yard for hours.

It was our dream.  Jennifer and I have always talked about raising our kids together and having a family unit where the cousins live close and spend a lot of time together.  Even with Bryan’s family, Jennifer’s kids are around them so much it’s like they have an extended family of cousins too.

We “helped” a baby bird tonight.  That was interesting!  Cousin fun! 

The cutest!  I love it so much!  They had the best time!  

I could watch this play out all day long.  They fight sometimes…sure.  But overall, they really love each other and have so much fun and as a mom, that is all I can ask for.

The finished movie room project…though it’s not quite finished yet (thank you Uncle Kevin for your help!), Fiona trying to fix her own bike, that was interesting and finally after bed time the fire was raging so Bryan and I sat on the deck and talked and had a glass of wine.  Doesn’t get much better than that! 

This! Gaga wanted Ellen to feel special so she gave her a spa day.  She washed her hair, massaged her feet.  She was so excited.  She also left Gaga’s room with a myriad of beauty products.  

Today was a beautiful day of seeing our kids grow in their relationships with each other and with their cousins…their first best friends.







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