Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #70: Re-Entering the world: May 29, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #71: Re-entering society: May 29, 2020:

First of all, I cannot believe it’s almost June.  I am trying to comprehend how we re-enter society.  I have just recently became on board with the kids having a friend over but truth be told…prefer they stay outside.  Now the news is telling me that we should prepare to re-enter society.  This Tuesday at CostCo my boy Steven said I needed to put a mask on my kids and bring them in so he could say hi to them.

While I really love Steven and my kids do miss him (like actually) I am not ready to take them to a store.

I am uncertain of the way I want to do this.  I am definitely not ready to travel on a plane.  I am definitely not ready for large public gatherings.  I am not ready for eating out in restaurants…but I am tired of this.

I know I am not alone and many people share my confusion on how to re-enter society.  I am unsure of what is right.

Today was the opposite of yesterday.  The weather was picture perfect and everyone in my family (including me) got more freckles from all the time we were outside today.

Today I had the great pleasure of speaking with a friend today…in person.

Today I had the great pleasure of seeing my kids play with one of their friends today…in person.

3 v 3 Basketball and a lot of kayak time! 

Today I had the great pleasure of hearing my kids laugh with a friend today.

Thank GOD for this beautiful day in the sun!  Love, love, love it!  So grateful!

Today…We played outside ALL day.

It was so nice to see them interact with other people and it was nice for me to interact with someone I have missed.

Even so…I am uncertain.  I am unsure of what is best.  The media is confusing.  The news isn’t telling us the full facts.  I do not know what is 100% fact and what is fiction.

I know my kids are over it.

They all said to me at one point today something to the effect of “will this be over soon?” or “Mom, do you think this will last all summer?”

I am not sure how to answer those questions.  Our job as parents is to make sure our kids aren’t scared and to make them feel safe.

I think we have done that up until this point but we are heading towards 3 months in this social distancing semi-quarantine situation we have been living in…and we are all tired of it.

Regardless…I don’t have the answers and I want to remember in 20 years how I felt on day 70 of this quarantine and time of social distancing.

I feel worn out.  I feel confused.  I feel worried about what re-entry into society looks like for our kids.  I feel anxious about school starting in the fall…because I want to it to start like normal.  I miss sports.  I want to have a large BBQ but know that’s not smart.

These, of course, are all high class problems and with what we see going on in our nation in cities like Minneapolis they aren’t real problems….I don’t pretend that they are.

But, I think more than anything, I have learned there is no guideline for what this looks like.  There are no steps that tell you exactly what is right.  Everyone will have a different perspective.  I just hope that we can all show each other respect and be kind.

Ellen walking across cones.  She was pretty excited.  Fletcher playing baseball…”bombing balls”.  So sweet! 

On a side note, Fiona went to stay the night at Grandma Dixie’s all by herself.  It was weird not having her here.  I looked for her all day having moments of panic only to realize she was hanging with her Grandma.

When we talked to her tonight she had an enormous smile on her face.  She told me about the pineapple upside down cake she ate with Grandma and her cousin Petey and told me it was the best ever.  She told me how she named all of the kittens at Uncle Brent and Aunt Laura’s…names like Butterscotch and Sunshine.  She got to go to Aunt Janice’s and see the animals…I am so glad she had this special time.  She was so excited to spend time with her Grandma’s.   We were so happy to see her so happy.

Some highlights from her day away…

Pineapple upside down cake and kitties!

So much fun swimming at Aunt Laura’s!

More good times for Fiona Bell! 


Also, I think it should be noted for the record that I read a book in the sun semi-alone for about 20 minutes.  It was glorious!








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