Corona Virus Quarantine Day #70: Holy Buckets of Rain! May 28, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine #70:

My guest writer today is the bright, beautiful and brave Ellen!

Today was a good day except for the fact that it was raining most of the day.  It made it hard to play outside so instead we played volleyball in the barn.  It was fun.  Then we all painted.  I painted another stepping stone today.  It was turtle shaped this time.  It looked pretty when it was finished.  I really like to paint.  Tonight instead of a movie night, Daddy lit a fire and we ate s’mores and played Trivial Pursuit as a family.  The game was exciting to play.  The kids won all the games.  I got to read a lot today.  I am on the last book of the second series mom got me for my birthday.  It’s called 39 Clues.  It is a mystery and those are my favorite kind of books. Since my birthday on May 5th I have read 10 Nancy Drew books and now 11 of these books. If Mom would let me I would read all day.  I love it so much.  My favorite things to do are play volleyball, read and any kind of craft.  70 days is too long.  I need it to end because I want to see friends again and be able to go places.  I have done a lot of things during quarantine that have been really awesome, I am just ready to do some other things now like playing with friends or going to places we can’t go now like restaurants or pretty much all places.  Today I am thankful for my family, our house, the barn, Zoey and Gigi, Gaga, water and food.

Love, Ellen


She would sit here all day if I let her!  Never seen a girl love to read this much!  Also, love that she still has her kneepads on! 

Rainy days make me want to curl up with a good book and read all day.  I guess Ellen and I have that in common.  A nap wouldn’t be terrible either…but it’s been 20+ years since I’ve taken one of those so even if I wanted to take one it would likely not happen.

Rainy days are great for slowing down and doing things you’d feel guilty spending time doing on a perfect weather day.  Our back deck came in handy today as we ate lunch out there, painted and sat by the fire.

Lunch on the deck…somehow ended in Fletcher standing on the table.  This child has a very hard time sitting in a chair.

Fletcher and Finley sang this song for a solid 20 minutes today. 

It was so nice to craft and sit out of the rain but see it and hear it.  Am I the only person that finds rain so peaceful?  I tried to take a lot of pictures today to remember this day by, it was unlike many of our others because we weren’t playing sports or hiking or riding bikes all day.

Very focused painters up in here!


Our finished products.  Fletcher said “this is my best work yet!”

We also took time to fill all the girls frames with photos and try to figure out how we are going to decorate their room with the goodies we have!  Hopefully this weekend we will knock that out!  They really love looking at all the photos we printed of good times we’ve had over the past few years.

I could do this all day! 

GOD bless this barn.  I know I’ve said it 1,000 times but it’s been a life saver.  Have I mentioned how smart my husband is?  Totally his idea!  I also love how disciplined the kids are in the things they want to do.  We never ask them to go down there or to do any one thing…they ask to play and I love it!  

Trivial Pursuit, a fire and S’mores.  As you can see Fletcher was quite excited.  Best part…of our many trivial pursuit games today was when Finley got a particularly hard question right Fiona asked him “how did you know that?” Finley replied “I read it, in a book!”.  Anyone know what movie this quote comes from?  No?  I laughed out loud.  For the record he has NOT seen this movie.


Our yard got a “pimple” as the kids called it today.  Never seen anything like it.  It rained so hard that a bubble that felt like a water bed formed in our yard.  Crazy.  Ellen asked me if we could pop it!  She’s totally my child.


Fletcher got a letter from his buddy Jack.  He was pretty excited about it!

Overall today we took some time just to sit and laugh, craft and enjoy each others company and it was AWESOME!



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