Corona Virus Quarantine Day #68: Rainy Day…Missing Sports…May 26, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #68: Rainy Day: May 26, 2020

Today was another day much like the 67 that came before it.  We ate breakfast, played sports, rode bikes, read books, built a tent and cooked together.  Yep, sounds a lot like the days that came before it.

We did try the Joe’s Minsky’s pizza…I thought it was gross.  The boys liked it.  Our tent…pretty epic.

Trivia Pursuit (Cooper crushed us) and some strange “house” game they made up in the barn.  

Biking and snuggling the puppy in the rain.

I think one of the weirdest things about this quarantine for us is the lack of organized sports.  They are such an integral part of our lives and for them to just be taken away and likely to not even be a thing all summer is weird.  The girls missed their soccer seasons.  The triplets missed track season and baseball seems to be postponed indefinitely.

Today would have been my first day of little kid’s volleyball camp.  This is truly one of my favorite weeks of the whole year.  I get to be in a gym teaching my favorite sport to kids who are excited to learn about it.  We dance, we sing, we learn, we play…I missed that today.  All day there was this emptiness I felt because I knew where I was supposed to be.

One of my favorite things about little kids camp week is how many kids I know come to see me at St. James.  My kid’s friends, my nephews, my colleague’s kids and my former teammates and friend’s children.  It’s pretty cool to have them all there and makes it all the more special.

But the best part…is having my own kids there.  They get to see their mom in her element and they become a part of something that is such a deep part of our lives.

I miss it.

A lot.

I am so hopeful that sports will make a triumphant return.  But until then, I will go on missing the thing (other than being a mom) that I love most and feel I was born to do.

I know I am not alone in this void.  I hope that we will see each other on the court or field in the near future.  Until then, I will live vicariously through these photos.  Miss this so much.


Fiona’s first year at camp.  She was 3!  Look at those tiny little nuggets…the cutest!

Oh man…I cannot. The cutest!  


This picture makes me so happy!  So many of my people in one picture.  Love it!

So many cuties in one picture. 

These are the moments I miss so much.  Sports…I miss you…I need you!   

Crazy hair day…always gives me a hair headache but man it’s so much fun.  Love it so much!  






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