Corona Virus Quarantine Day #66: Non Stop Fun! May 24, 2020

My guest writer today is the smart, super fun, and beautiful Fiona Bell Dorsey…

Daddy made us pancakes to start the day which was awesome. Then I rode through the sprinklers on my bike.  The highlights of my day were going to the river with my siblings and Jake and swimming in it.  We had another water gun fight with water balloons. I got really soaked today!  Also, I finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for the 2nd time today. I read it in one day because it’s a really good book.  My favorite Harry Potter book is the Cursed Child one.  My favorite Harry Potter movie are the last two!  When I hear it’s day #66 I think “man we’ve been in corona virus time for a long time”.  It doesn’t feel that long because it’s been a lot of fun.  My favorite part of corona virus quarantine is spending so much time with my family.  My least favorite part is I can’t see my teacher or friends. Today I am thankful for Zac Efron music (I love music), my family, my cousins and friends.

Love Fiona

Mommy’s brief thoughts:

Summer…is for water balloon fights, the river and grilling out!

Today was another full day in semi-quarantine playing outside, getting dirty and loving life.

My biggest observation today was how often and how easily Fletcher compliments people.  I love how for little ones it’s so easy to compliment someone or tell them they love them.  I’m pretty sure if adults could compliment that way there would be a lot more happy people walking around!  That’s what celebrating awesome is all about.

For example, Fletcher looked at Cooper today and randomly told him “you are a really good brother!”.  It made Cooper smile so big!  Adorable.  Also, he must have told me 12 times tonight in the time it took me to walk from his bed to his door that he loved me.  Made me happy.

Also…young people are funny.  Today when we took Gigi for a long walk I mentioned that it was really toasty outside.  Fletcher responded with “yep, it is toasty, like a bagel in a toaster!”  Cooper found that one really funny.  I need to start writing down all the things I hear in a day.  If I don’t write them down immediately I forget them.  But hanging out with 5 kids all day is like living my own “Kids Say the Darndest Things” TV show.  They are always making me laugh.

I am trying to relish these times together as I know as things start to open up and youth sports are beginning our lives will speed up again at some point.

Our pictures do a better job describing our day than anything else so here they are!


This video doesn’t exist

We took Gigi for a long walk and it was pretty hot out so when she made it back to the pond she went for a swim.  The kids love how she bites at the water!

After “puter” church the kids rode their bikes through the sprinklers.

At the river we saw a large snake and a snapping turtle upon our arrival and Fletcher was a little scared to walk in the water so Finley offered to hold his hand and walk him across.  My heart!


Ellen is terrified of the river but she conquered her fear again and swam several times across it! #boss

Swimming in the river is not my favorite thing…they like to do but it makes them happy.  I’m hoping the snake and snapping turtle deter them from wanting to do it again soon.  Yikes.  You couldn’t pay me.  


Crazy…every single one of them.!


This kid look crazy in this photo but if you saw him in this river…he jumps in like he’s completely unafraid of anything.  It’s both amazing and terrifying to watch.  Cooper, my friend, you amaze me!


This kid needs a pool.  He loves the water.  He rode his bike in the sprinklers, went in the river and had a water gun fight this afternoon.  Also…our little surfer dude needs a haircut…badly!


Basketball games in the barn before heading to the river!





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