Corona Virus Quarantine Day #64: Dancing in the Rain: May 22, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #64: Dancing in the Rain: May 22, 2020

Friday…the official last day of the school year for St. James Academy. Bittersweet.

I’m beyond ready to be done teaching to a computer screen but I feel that void all the teachers I know are feeling.  Emptiness.  I didn’t get to say my usual goodbyes, give hugs, smile, give out my hand written notes to my kiddos and see them smile back. Ugh.

I went to my classroom today.  Haven’t been there since March 13th.  Weird.  That’s pretty much the only word that comes to mind.

I left the building today with a heavy heart yet filled with a whole lot of hope that we will be back there in August.  I am looking forward to it!

Is there such a thing as a social distance hug? Cause I’m going to be giving a lot of them out when that happens.

Other than that today was perfect. It rained all morning and then turned into the most glorious day.  Our kids danced and played in the rain in the morning and had a water gun fight in the afternoon with their cousins for hours.  In many ways it felt like two days.  The morning was sad and dreary as I said goodbye to another year as a teacher and this afternoon was full of sunshine and laughter…hopeful.

That has to be a sign.  Right?  I think so!

The kids riding bikes, dancing and swinging on the play set in the rain was a stark reminder that kids don’t care about being stuck at home and rain can’t keep them from having fun. Maybe it’s a reminder that we have to dance in the rain sometimes to get the sunshine when the storm passes.

Fiona and Fletcher swinging in the rain!

When they start twirling each other… a mom’s heart can’t handle it! 

Bryan and I were able to have an actual conversation…an uninterrupted one this afternoon.  The kids are happy, they were outside enjoying this beautiful afternoon and my night was capped off by my sister bringing over my most favorite food.  Salad.

Mr. Gyros salad to be exact. It was divine!

So a beautiful day, a meal I didn’t have to cook, paper plates and a glass of wine outside. Yep, I cannot complain.

Side bar…Fletcher was so overtired tonight he did cry for 20 minutes demanding I read him 12 books.  We settled for 2 since he was getting to bed so late.  Poor guy can’t handle being up this late.  He was partied and played out!


You know it’s summer when…watermelon!


Gigi snuggling her daddy in the driveway!


A little 2 v. 2 driveway basketball.  Bryan and Finley vs. Cooper and Hunter!


It went from cold and rainy to warm and sunny.  So a great time for a water gun fight! 



When Mom and Dad have meetings at the same time…Fletcher ends up with 5 temporary tattoos.  

There was a lot of bike riding happening at our house today! 

Finley discovered a new great book and it was so good he read it at breakfast and lunch.  Normally I wouldn’t allow that but…it was too good and I get it!  

Below are Gaga’s answers to the questions yesterday. I wanted to get her answers last night but it was too late and she was tired.  So I figured better late than never.

Gaga:   Age:  73

Favorite Color: green and pink

Favorite Animal: dog and cats

Favorite Quarantine Food: Nan’s crepes

Favorite Quarantine School Subject: Practicing Fletcher’s name

If you were the teacher what rules would you make? I like that school gets out at noon.

Favorite Quarantine Movie: Sonic

Favorite Quarantine Activity: watching the kids play

Favorite Quarantine Book: Home for Unwanted Girls

Favorite Quarantine Memory: Movie nights with the family.

Favorite Quarantine Song: I don’t know 🙂

Favorite Quarantine Special Treat: Mom’s chocolate chip cookies (the originals) and brownies.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I’ve already done that!

What is something you are good at? I am good at teaching.

What is something you are proud of? I am most proud of my two daughters and my 7 grandkids.

What are 3 things you want to do this summer?  Sit at a pool and watch the kids swim, take the kids to a movie and go to a restaurant for dinner!

Grateful for a beautiful, fun, family filled day!














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